Thursday, March 28, 2013

Poetry Friday Roundup is Here!

Hyacinth Pulls the Covers Over Her Head 
and Goes Back to Sleep

The cues of light are right:
half day, half night.

But it's too cold to be bold:
to open, unfold.

Spring delights?
I withhold.

© Mary Lee Hahn, 2013

Charles Ghinga at The Father Goose Blog shares the poem "Pet Names" from his book Animal Tracks: Wild Poems to Read Aloud.

Bridget at wee words for wee ones chronicles her children's spring break with "Spring Break -- Day by Day."

Jama at Jama's Alphabet Soup has a (self-proclaimed, but I agree) Good Friday Feast. Come ready to drool. Over the French Toast, too!

Buffy Silverman, of Buffy's Blog, shares her process and final poem in the MM2013 Tournament. I was rooting for you, Buffy!

Renee, haven't you been a little busy writing poems these last few weeks? When did you have time for another installment at No Water River in the "Poetry Is..." series (...with guest poster Elizabeth Stevens Omlor and a little Emerson)?

Joyce Ray at Musings shares some really cool ideas for writing poetry with children from her Build a Poem workshop. Cupcake poems anyone? Heidi? Jama?

Tamara Will Wissinger shares her (big) plans for Poetry Month.

Heidi at my juicy little universe has come up with a fun Poetry Month project -- 30words30days: a poem for busy people.

Robyn Hood Black is urging spring along with some e.e. cummings and Poetry Month news.

Laura Purdie Salas is focusing on colors today in another of her excellent Poem Starter videos.

Laura Shovan, at Author Amok, has a fabulous interview with Christy Hale, author of DREAMING UP.

Diane Mayr has a trio of offerings: At Random Noodling, an Easter senryu (like a haiku, but about human nature instead of Nature). Kurious Kitty shares William Blake's "Spring." KK's Kwotes has a quote by Jane Hirshfield.

Linda at TeacherDance has found the perfect William Stafford poem for two online communities -- Poetry Friday regulars and Slice of Life participants.

Matt Forrest Esenwine at Radio, Rhythm & Rhyme has an original crocus poem for this last Friday of March. (His fight with snow, mine just had to contend with oak leaves the year I snapped this shot!)

Lori Ann Grover has "Plumeria" at On Point, and World Rat Day at readertotz.

At NC Teacher Stuff, Matt Barger shares "Just Before April Came" by Carl Sandburg. (The first line is not true where I live!)

Donna, at Mainely Write, shares a poem that grew out of a GoogleChat with her daughter.

Tabatha Yeatts, at The Opposite of Indifference, shines a spotlight on the Little Patuxent Review and poet Elizabeth Dahl.

J. Patrick Lewis is making a rock-and-roll appearance at Greg Pincus' GottaBook.

I'm so glad that Catherine, at Reading to the Core, found Mary Ann Hoberman's THE TREE THAT TIME BUILT! She shares "You and I" from this excellent collection.

Three from Sylvia Vardell: at the Poetry Friday Anthology blog, a loose tooth poem by Carole Boston Weatherford; an announcement about upcoming "poem movies" at the Poetry Friday Anthology/Middle School blog; and at Poetry for Children, her own blog, an example of a "poem movie" made by 6th graders at an international school in the Netherlands.

Tara @ A Teaching Life has some Walt Whitman to help us think about the week's current events.

Margaret, at Reflections on the Teche, has ambitious form-a-day plans for herself and her students for National Poetry Month.

Ruth has a Good Friday poem-hymn for us at There is no such thing as a God-forsaken town.

Spring is coming to Steve's valley. His original poem is posted at inside the dog... .

Travis has a book spine poem (and an invitation to submit yours) at 100 Scope Notes. (Can't wait for the review of the book of book spine poems!!)

I love pomegranates and I love the story of Persephone. I hope Katie, at the blog a time for such a word, doesn't mind being rounded up via a Poetry Friday Google search. Maybe she'll join us every week!

MotherReader has a new installment in her "songs as poetry" series. Do you recognize it?

At Following Pullitzer, Gerard Manley Hopkins' "As kingfishers catch fire" for Good Friday.

Through the Looking Glass Book Review wraps up Women's History Month with VHERSES by J. Patrick Lewis.

Orange Marmalade shares "These Three" by X.J. Kennedy for Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Andi has a "text message found poem" at a wrung sponge. If you haven't cleared out your texts, you probably have one there, too, waiting to be found!

I'm pretty sure that in real life, Amy LV is still floating after the release this week of her first book, FOREST HAS A SONG. But for today, she's got her feet on the ground with a red boots poem at The Poem Farm.

At Douglas Florian's Florian Cafe this week, [in Just-] by e.e. cummings.

Anastasia Suen has a snippet of SPRING BLOSSOMS by Carole Gerber at her blog Booktalking, and she's started a new Poetry Blog for National Poetry Month (and beyond)!!

Cactus are blooming at Joy's blog, Poetry For Kids Joy!

Janet at All About the Books With Janet Squires is featuring KEEPERS: TREASURE-HUNT POEMS by John Frank.

Violet writes from an interesting point of view in her Good Friday poem today. "Betrayer" is at Violet Nesdoly / Poems.

At The Drift Record, Julie Larios spotlights the line-up for the 2013 Kidlitosphere Progressive Poem.

Samuel Kent posts 5 new poems every week at I Drew It. His favorite this week was inspired by #MM2013: "Banking on the Tooth Fairy."

Betsy at Teaching Young Writers found the seed for this week's poem in her writer's notebook.

Cathy wrote a rhyming poem to honor her card-playing mom. I hope there's a little bit of hyperbole in her poem, too! You can find it at Merely Day By Day.

Keri at Keri Recommends is late to the roundup because she and her husband were working with their bees all day. She wrote a trio of haiku in honor of the day.

Iphigene at Gathering Books shares a Good Friday poem: "Todo y Nada/All or Nothing."

Jone is in with a poem that perfectly captures the last days of school before spring break. She posted it at her blog Deo Writer.


  1. Thanks, Franki and Mary Lee! A tip of the cap to our furry friends via "Pet Names" at the FATHER GOOSE Blog

  2. Thank you, Mary Lee for hosting - and thanks for the early bird special! Being in AZ I always feel like I'm late to the party on Friday mornings...:-) I have an original poem called "Spring Break - Day by Day" chronicling my daughters' journeys through their vacation. It's at and will be live at 12 midnight PST. =)

  3. Yes, thanks for the early bird special!

    Sharing a Mary Oliver poem and a delicious Easter brunch recipe for Baked French toast:

    My post will go live at 6 a.m. EDT.

    Thanks so much for hosting this week. Have a wonderful weekend. Hope the EB brings you lots of treats.

  4. Thanks for hosting Mary Lee! I'm in with my final poem from March Madness. You can find it at

  5. Thanks for hosting, Mary Lee! I've got another installment of the "Poetry Is..." series with guest poster Elizabeth Stevens Omlor and a little Emerson.

  6. Hi, Mary Lee. Thanks for rounding up the posts today and the opportunity for early bird listings! I'm reporting on my Build A Poem workshop at Musings

  7. Hi Mary Lee! Thank you for hosting Poetry Friday this week, and for the early bird special! For this poetry Friday I was inspired by Jone’s posting last week about ways she's participating in National Poetry Month so I’m listing my National Poetry Month plans this week:

  8. You can tell it's Spring Break because I'm in early with my cunning scheme for a "restrained" National Poetry Month game!

  9. Happy Spring, Mary Lee! Thanks for hosting. I'm in with some "Marchuary" thoughts, a bit of E. E. Cummings, and a nod toward April...

  10. Thanks for hosting, Mary Lee! I'm in with a Poem Starter video--one of my poems called "Shades of Red." Happy Poetry Friday!

  11. Hi, Mary Lee. Thanks for hosting and thanks for posting early!

    I have an interview with Christy Hale, author and illustrator of Dreaming Up. This picture book about building play brilliantly layers Hale's illustrations of children with concrete poetry and photographs of famous buildings.

  12. Um, I guess a link would help. Sorry--I'm tired!

  13. Happy Easter Mary Lee! My posts will be up after midnight:

    At Random Noodling I have an Easter senryu (like a haiku, but about human nature instead of Nature).

    Kurious Kitty shares William Blake's "Spring."

    KK's Kwotes has a quote by Jane Hirshfield.

  14. Happy Easter! I have a poem by William Stafford that I think speaks of community, Mary Lee. We're ending the March Slice of Life Challenge and getting ready for Poetry Month, two groups keep a connection not easy to find. Thanks for hosting!

  15. Well, I forgot the link-sorry!

  16. Anonymous11:12 PM

    Hi, Mary Lee! I thought a "Crocus" would be a nice way to welcome the month of April:

  17. Thanks for hosting this week! At On Point, I have my haiku Plumeria. Happy Poetry Friday!

  18. And at readertotz we are celebrating World Rat Day. Thanks, again!

  19. Thank you for hosting! At NC Teacher Stuff, I have Just Before April Came by Carl Sandburg:

    Meanwhile, I'm heading over to readertotz to check out World Rat Day. You have to click on that link.

  20. A poem after/from a GoogleChat with my daughter -

  21. Hi Mary Lee! Thanks for hosting! I'm talking about the Little Patuxent Review today and sharing a poem by Elisabeth Dahl.

  22. Thanks for hosting, y'all! I'm in today with an original poem by one J. Patrick Lewis (our Laureate!) - Believe Me When I Tell You

    Rock on!

  23. Anonymous7:26 AM

    Hi, Mary Lee, Here is my contribution, Mary Ann Hoberman's "You and I" from The Tree that Time Built. (I linked to your fabulous review, which I somehow missed at the time :-( I blame it on graduate school!) Thank you hosting today. Can't wait to check back later and see the transformation!

    1. Anonymous7:27 AM

      Forgot the link!

  24. Hi, Mary Lee, and thank you for hosting. We're featuring Carole Boston Weatherford over at our PFA blog and announcing our "poem movie" series at our middle school PFAMS blog
    Thanks! Sylvia and Janet

  25. Me, again. At my blog, Poetry for Children, I'm featuring a "poem movie" for a Prelutsky poem created by sixth graders in a school in the Netherlands!

  26. Thanks for hosting, Mary Lee. I'm in today with Walt Whitman - to mark this weeks Supreme Court hearings:

  27. I'm here with plans for National Poetry Month.

  28. Thank you for hosting! I have "O Sacred Head, Now Wounded" today for Good Friday.

  29. Hi, Mary Lee!
    Thanks so much for hosting PF!

    I have a spring poem about the early morning and the goings-on as Northeast Iowa wakes up to Spring.

    Here's the link:

  30. Such a sweet poem Mary Lee! And I adore your spring photos. I have a found poem taken from my cell phone texts. Thanks for hosting!

  31. Hi Mary Lee,
    Clearly I am not yet adept at this blogging (or any other social media) thing--I thought my link was live when I sent it to you. Anyway, it is now:

    (And I was rooting for you in the previous round...I would have much preferred to have been bested by one of your amazing poems.)

    Love your hyacinth, who has been giving advice to my crocuses!

  32. Mary Lee, This hyacinth is adorable. The title made me giggle, and your nature writing just sparkles. I hope you get spring soon...and me too.

    Today I have a red boot poem and some book release party pics.


  33. Anonymous12:43 PM

    [in Just-]by e.e. cummings, as spring comes just in time over at The Florian Cafe. Thanx for hosting!
    Douglas Florian

  34. Love your poem, Mary Lee! At Booktalking I'm reading Spring Blossoms by Carole Gerber -- and I've started a new poetry blog!

  35. Mary Lee,
    I'm running late this morning. I'm in for the round up with an original cinquain about the Prickly Pear Cactus.
    Thanks for hosting this week.

  36. Thanks for hosting, Mary Lee. I love your Spring poem. Happy Easter!

  37. Thanks for hosting.
    My selection is "Keepers: treasure-hunt poems" written by John Frank with photographs by Ken Robbins.

  38. Thanks for hosting today Mary Lee. Sorry I'm so very late to the party... My poem today is "Betrayer" -- a reflection on one of the characters in the Good Friday story. It's here:

    Violet N.

  39. I love that hyacinth poem, Mary Lee. Such fun to see someone working cleverly with rhyme.

    I'm late with my Poetry Friday contribution, but over at The Drift Record I have an announcement about Irene Latham's Progressive Poetry Project, and links to participating poets on their respective days.

  40. Hey Mary Lee,

    Just like I do every week, I put up 5 new ones this week at I think my favorite is Banking on the Tooth Fairy ( which came out of the #MMPoetry rounds this week.

  41. Look at all those beautiful bits of spring with a lovely poem to accompany them! I love the snow drops, they are always my first sign that spring is bound to come!
    My poem is a notebook peek and re-do on the always popular poetry subject: LOVE.
    Have a great spring day, here's my link.

  42. Anonymous4:25 PM

    Thank you for including me (Orange Marmalade) in this lovely round-up. I love what everyone has posted here! I'm going to put my (very teeny) techno-gloves on and try to join up again next week. -- Jill

  43. Thank you for hosting today and for the fantastic photos of spring buds. At first glance I thought the hyacinth was a green Easter egg! Lovely poem. It perfectly reflects the dance of spring beguiling us with warmth and then retreating.

  44. Probably a wise decision to be late. I just drove to my mom's in South Carolina. Usually, I catch up to spring when I'm about half way there, but this year I didn't see a single sign of spring until I was here. Even then they weren't as numerous as they usually are this time of year. I guess it's been cold everywhere.

    I enjoyed your poem --- and your photographs. Beautiful! Let's hope spring arrives very soon!

    During March Madness there was a lot of talk about rhyming poems. I haven't written one in quite some time so I decided to write this one today for my mom's birthday. I think she'd prefer a sweeter poem, but I was having fun listening to her play cards with my daughter.

    Thanks for hosting, Mary Lee.

    Our Gamin' Grammy:

  45. Love your hyacinth poem and your photos, Mary Lee! That second stanza especially tickled me.

  46. I love the floral theme of your round-up! Thanks for hosting. If the server ever responds, I'll have a post with 3 original haiku inspired by working in our beehives today, along with a photo, at Poetry Friday is inspirational! :-)

  47. Hi Mary Lee, I know this is quite late, and I'd understand if you won't be able to include this in your round-up post. Iphigene has our Poetry Friday contribution this week at this link:
    Thanks for hosting!

  48. Thank you for hosting. The photos are beautiful. Late today thinking about spring break


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