Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Happy Book Birthday, Amy LV!

Forest Has a Song: Poems
by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater
illustrated by Robbin Gourley
Clarion Books, 2013
review copy provided by the publisher

Today is the day! Happy Book Birthday to FOREST HAS A SONG!!

For an interview with Amy, see the Nerdy Book Club: Interview by Irene Latham.

For a peek inside the book and for some amazing tasty treats, check out Jama Rattigan's book birthday post at Jama's Alphabet Soup. (Trilobite cookies? Really?! "Fossil" is one of my favorite poems in the book, so no treat could be more perfect!)

For a wealth of poems and resources for teachers, go to Amy's blog The Poem Farm. Don't miss the "Find a Poem" tab. Amy has indexed her poems by topic and by technique -- an invaluable resource for mentor texts. You can also find her Dictionary Hike there.

For insight into how writers use their notebooks, Amy has her Sharing Our Notebooks blog.

As Jama said, today is extra special to Amy because it is the publication date of her FIRST book of poetry. Today is extra special to the rest of us (readers and poetry fans and Amy LV fans) because it is the publication date of her FIRST OF MANY books of poetry.

A TOAST TO AMY! Here's to the first book, and to all the rest to come!

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  1. A toast to Amy, indeed! clink clink!!

  2. Woo-hoo! Can't wait to get hold of this, I love the Poem Farm. Looking forward to many, many more from her. And to your first one, too, whenever that comes out!

  3. Yay, Amy! This is just such a gorgeous book. Cheers!

  4. Mine should come soon, Mary Lee. It looks very good, a la Jama's blog!

  5. Thank you, Mary Lee! I just found this post....and it made my afternoon. You are the best, and I say *Cheers!* right back - to your beautiful poems at #MM Poetry this month! Thank you for your book birthday post! xo, a.

  6. Congratulations to Amy! Thanks for highlighting her book, Mary Lee! I am eager to read it. Here's to many more poetry books by Amy...*cheers!*

  7. Hooray for Amy! I haven't seen this much love for a debut book in awhile, and it's so well deserved :). Thanks for the feel good post, ML!


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