Saturday, February 08, 2014

Celebrate This Week!

It was a crazy week but I found myself noticing little things throughout the week that I wanted to make sure to remember to celebrate in this post.  Thanks, Ruth for a reason to live in a way that helps us pay attention to the little celebrations!

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Visit Ruth Ayres Writes for a round-up of everyone's weekly celebration!

--Our 100th Day of school is next week.  We stayed after school to set up a morning of math fun for Monday morning when the kids arrive. I have 14 math activities set up around the room and kids can have fun thinking and collaborating around math wearing 100 Day glasses.  One extra celebration during our set up was this:

We revised some of the activities and the older version included weighing 100 Tootsie Rolls. My colleague Kami picked up this giant bag of 760 Tootsie Rolls for the fun. As we were setting up today, we realized we revised that activity and Tootsie Rolls were no longer needed.  I have to admit, we weren't disappointed that now we just have to eat them:-)

--I might be getting a little bit better at yoga.  We are so lucky to have so many great studios and so many great teachers in Central Ohio. I have found a few classes that I look forward to each week. And I am finishing up Week 3 of my 16 week Couch to 5K run program. At the 3rd week, it isn't so hard to get started each day and I actually feel good afterwards. I am so glad I am taking the running slow and adding more yoga to my life. I have been doing a bit of yoga for 2 years and finally feel like I have the basics down. I am ready to get a little better and am trying to get 3 days of yoga in a week (although 2 is more doable.).

--My #nerdlution of wearing lipstick daily has been more of a challenge than one would think but I am getting lots of gifts from friends to help make it easier.  Several friends have shared their fave lipstick/lip gloss with me. Even though there are many days where I have put lipstick on at 8 pm because it was the first time I remembered, I am making progress.  I am not ready to try Mood Lipstick yet, but how fun to know it is out there!

--Love the learning happening in our classroom this week. I always love January and February because the learning becomes so evident and kids are just buzzing along being amazing.

--I read and loved a new middle grade novel, Ophelia and the Marvelous Boy . It is a Snow Queen story and it is fabulous!  A great winter read that I highly recommend!

--I've discovered a new blog that is helping me think about digital tools. Katharine who writes at Teachitivity teaches 5th grade and integrates technology into her Reading and Writing Workshop. Thanks to Troy Hicks for introducing me to Katharine and her work:-) Katharine and I decided we needed to harness all of the great work going on in elementary schools around Digital Literacy so we created a hashtag and a Facebook page for anyone interested in talking about the ways in which digital tools can impact elementary Reading and Writing Workshops.  If you are interested, you can join our open Facebook Group ( and use the Twitter hashtag #k6diglit if you have posts, etc. to share on the topic.

And the biggest celebration has to be this sign I saw shopping last weekend. If winter wear is on sale, that must be a sign that there is an end in sight to this snow and -20 degree weather!


  1. The end of winter cannot come fast enough this year. I can't remember another winter that felt this cold for so long. I love that you have that huge bag of Tootsie Rolls to eat. It is so nice when you end up with those extra little surprises. Your 100th day festivities sound fun!

  2. I loved all of the celebration in this post but must admit I laughed out loud at the image of you putting on lipstick at 8 p.m.! Big smiles. :-)

  3. Wow what a full week. Great stuff from tootsie rolls to sales. Thanks so much for the Teachitivity blog. I got to get up the digital factor in my room. Have a great 100th day!

  4. My girls had their 100th day on Thursday. My 1st grader pulled her 100 glasses out of her scrapbook from kindergarten to wear to school and my 4th graders' class all dressed as if they were 100 years for the 100th day. They both had a great day. I was volunteering for the first hour in my 1st graders' class, so I got to help with some of the centers for the day. This is another celebration I could have included but had forgotten about until I read your post! Maybe that is one of the celebrations in participating - already reflecting on celebrations but then remembering even more as we read each other's.

    I look forward to seeing glimpses into your thinking because of interactions with Katharine.

  5. I love that your friends are giving you lipstick gifts and tips. ;-) I've never taken yoga, but I've been thinking that I would like to try it. Thanks for the info on Katharine!

  6. Franki
    Congratulations for making to week 3 of couch to 5K run - Such a huge accomplishment! Can't wait to read Ophelia and the Marvelous Boy.

    Happy Saturday!

  7. A lipstick #nerdlution! Wow! Congratulations on remembering even at 8 pm and DOING it! I can probably count on my fingers (ok, maybe toes have to be included because of dance recitals) the number of times I've ever worn lipstick. I could apply it at 8 pm every night and it would be gone by 8:15 because I'd wipe my mouth or lick it off. I'm just not a makeup person! But I am intrigued by those that can wear it - but even more intrigued by someone who can do a 5K run! Congratulations on persevering!

  8. You have picked a wonderful mixture of celebrations to highlight your week. I cheer to you for getting yoga and running into your days. Thank you for sharing the technology blog.

  9. Sounds like a great week indeed. I'm going to check out the blog and facebook page. But I'm not going to start wearing lipstick. Some days I remember mascara.

  10. I LOVE Ophelia! And your lipstick story:>)


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