Saturday, February 15, 2014

Celebrate this week!

1.  #nerdlution -- What started last December as a "jump on the bandwagon" has gone past habit to become a cherished ritual: get up, walk for 20-30 minutes, sit down with my tea and yogurt and write for 20-30 minutes. If I start my day by doing these two things for ME, then a day never passes when I do everything for others and neglect myself.

2. Boundaries -- I stop working at 8:00 PM. That doesn't mean I always work until 8:00, that just means that if I am still working, I stop at 8:00. This boundary means I don't do any of those 8:00 PM Twitter chats, but it also means I don't spend my last waking hour doing Twitter chats.

3. Valentine boxes -- I wish I would have taken pictures! My students were SO creative this year! There was a minion, a MineCraft creeper, a black night-sky box with a styrofoam earth (on a tilted axis) with a smaller styrofoam moon (with spray painted craters) suspended (well, stuck on a stick) in the "night sky" above the box (yes, we are studying earth and moon in science), a race car, and one that had a string of lights that lit up with a battery inside it...among the other tissue paper/hearts/red+pink creations.

4. Life outside of school -- I organized a combination online (FB) / live auction that culminated this week. We raised over $700 for Casting for Recovery!

5. My weekend tea mug -- another ritual I cherish is switching on Saturday from my weekday regular-sized tea mug and teabag tea to my extra-large Writer's Almanac mug and super strong loose tea made in my infuser from NorthStar Cafe (from back in the day when they sold them). More tea = more time to sip. Ahhh...

EDITED TO ADD: Cybils Awards were announced yesterday! Congrats to the winners!

Those are five of the things I celebrate this week. How about you? What are you celebrating? Join Ruth and other bloggers at for the 18th edition of Celebrate This Week.


  1. I love that you have a weekend mug! What a great idea!!!

  2. Congratulations on MAKING time for YOU. I did "OK" with the first nerdlution but did not commit to the second round...and my exercise has...not been what it should be - for ME!

  3. I want to celebrate your boundaries! It takes courage to have them and to keep them!

    1. Yes I want to celebrate them for you and mourn them for me…sorry just taking care of myself for a second! I will miss stalking you in chats...

  4. Lots of wonderful celebrations. I love your morning routine and I wish you had taken pics of those Valentine boxes--they sound amazing:>)

  5. I love that you and the students create Valentine boxes, a favorite memory of mine from school! Glad your #nerdlution goals are going well-good for you, Mary Lee!

  6. I need to steal your idea about Valentine boxes - my kids would love doing this. And I love the fact that you stop at 8, and have make nerdlution (sp??) time. These words have me thinking, because I need to do this, too:
    If I start my day by doing these two things for ME, then a day never passes when I do everything for others and neglect myself.
    'cause - I am totally neglecting myself :(

  7. Your nerdlution is taking care of you first. I am doing that as well with a new daily meditation practice. So important for those of us in the give-of-ourselves type of profession.

  8. I love your NerdLution. I didn't make it the first time and I am sitting this one out. And I love your Saturday tea routine. Very similar to mine. Loose tea not tea bags. Tea from Smith Teas ( Portland). Congrats on the auction.

  9. From a morning habit to a morning ritual - this is a significant change, a way to start a day.

  10. EnJOYed reading your celebrations!

  11. Love your morning ritual and the 8:00 rule. Got to do that! Keep saying it, but not yet.

  12. What a great idea to have the weekend tea ritual. I may have to steal that. :)


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