Sunday, February 23, 2014

NCTE's Formative Assessment that Truly Informs Instruction: A Round-Up of Thoughts

On Sunday, February 16, I hosted an #nctechat with @anterobot on Formative Assessment. The conversation focused on the new position statement from NCTE: Formative Assessment That Truly  Informs Instruction.  It is a document that we think can make a difference and the chat was an energized one with so many powerful ideas.

I was a part of the group that helped create the position statement on Formative Assessment and one thing we hoped while crafting it is that it gives teachers a way to change the conversation around formative assessment. We want this document to help us get back to what we know is right about assessment and how it can impact our instruction.  The #nctechat was one way to begin the conversation and many participants had plans to take the position statement to colleagues, administrators and community members.

At the end of the chat, several people committed to writing posts about Formative Assessment as a follow-up to the chat.  I offered to collect the posts in one place so that the conversation around this topic and document can continue to grow.  If you missed the chat, you can read the archives of the chat here.  And regardless of whether or not you participated in the chat, we think these blog posts are important as a way to continue an ongoing conversation about the topic of true Formative Assessment.  So, take some time to read the posts, make comments, connect with the bloggers and comment lots.
Let's continue this conversation!

Jennifer Serravallo (@jserravallo) writes "What's in a Name?" .

Jennifer Brittin (@jenbrittin) writes "The Proof is in the Pudding, Right?"

Beth Shaum (@BethShaum) writes Formative Assessment That TRULY Informs Instruction

Megan Skogstad (@megskogie) writes Formative Assessment in Order to Maximize Student and Teacher Learning

Justin Stygles (@JustinStygles) writes Formative Assessment-Making Sense Through Practice

Carol Varsalona writes (@cvarsalona)Formative Assessment Can Be the Game Changer for You

Kathleen Jasper (@JasperKathleen) and Lisa Scherff(@lisascherff) write A Chat About Formative Assessment at CoversationED (@conversationed)

Kristine Mraz (@MrazKristine) writes Charts as Pathways to Success

Clare Landrigan and Tammy Mulligan (@ClareandTammy) write Using Our Students' Perspectives to Triangulate Assessment

Katherine Sokolowski (@katsok) writes Thinking About Formative Assessment

Cathy Mere(@CathyMere) writes Formative Assessment that Informs Instruction

Renee Boss (@renee_boss) writes Formative Assessment--A Process--Not a Thing

Darcy Oberdofer (@DarcyJObe), Amanda TenBrink, Steve Seward and Andrew Smith (@smithand1015) write Formative Assessments: A Cornerstone to Math Workshop

Kim Jasper (@KimChismJasper) writes Formative Assessment in the Writing Process

Amy Cody (@acodyclancy) writes Using "Public Response" to Formatively Assess: Is it working?


  1. I didn't know about the chat, but have read Cathy's & Katerine's recent posts, Franki, & am planning to lead a discussion with colleagues this coming week in order to share what we do. So often, one really doesn't know what the teacher in the room down the hall is doing, so this is a good chance to share what is being done. Thanks for these-I'll read as much as possible before my meeting!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing all these blogs. They are awesome!

  3. Thank you for this resource. I missed the chat, so this is definitely helpful!

  4. Mine was left out!

  5. Thanks for this round-up! I also missed the chat and these posts are a wealth of information!

  6. This is so necessary and important. Thank you for being the organizer. I really appreciate everything you do to help teachers do what's most important.

    First in Maine


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