Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Blogging Live from nErDcampmi! 2014!

Today, we are blogging live from Day 2 of nErDcampmi! This is the 2nd annual event and it is one of our favorite days of the year!  Colby Sharp and his wife Alaina Sharp and The Nerdy Book Club gang invented this camp--an edcamp focused on Literacy. Brilliant.  You may have read about how awesome it was on our blog last year!  All day, we'll be adding photos and thoughts to this blog post, live, as they happen!  You can also follow nerdcampmi on Twitter today #nerdcampmi.

8:31 a.m. We are getting ready for the Opening of Day 2 #nerdcampmi.

Hugh MacLeod Gapingvoid.com
The link to the live idea planning board

8:48 am
Babymouse and Arnie the Doughnut join us at Nerdcamp!

9:30 Session 1:
We are both in the session on Genius Hour!  Lesley Burnap (@auntierez) and Ann King (@kingandkids) are facilitating the conversation.

People and Hashtags to follow if you are interested in Genius Hour:  
  • @angelamaiers 
  • @thenerdyteacher 
  • @joykirr 
  • @paulsolarz 
  • #geniushour
  • #choose2matter
  • #20time
  • #passiontime
Some highlights from the Genius Hour Session (the group notes are here)

• Letting kids follow their passions. A little time each week pays off big.
• RULE: You may not do something that is easily google-able.
• The point is to make something that’s not already there. CREATE. Not just nonfiction research.
• Every student is a genius. Give time to share.
• Some kids want to be told what to learn; don’t want to have to think. #geniushour needs brainstorming and support.
• Builds lifelong learners.
• Genius Hour is a bad term -- we should be doing this kind of inquiry all of the time
• Creativity, inquiry, passion, collaboration, community are what’s needed
• PBL is a kind of Genius Hour 
• Genius Hour SHOULD BE A PHILOSOPHY, not a mandate 
• Genius Hour is not a program
• It’s all about the question. (Thank you, Brenda for A More Beautiful Question: The Power of Inquiry to Spark Breakthrough Ideas )

Even though we did not go to the session on Best Books of 2014, Katie Muhtaris created a great padlet for all of us compiling great books discussed!  You can access it here!  Get ready to spend some money on books once you click:-)

10:45 Session on Authentic Technology in the Literacy Workshop

If you are interested in this topic, follow:
@literacyspark (Katie Muhtaris)

Some big messages from this session:
"Empowerment is Better than Engagement. Ownership is better than Buy-In."

"A huge growth point for kids is when audience shifts from teacher-only to peers."

12:50 PM Getting ready to build the afternoon IDEA BOARD!

Mary Lee, Josie and Karen get ready for the PM Idea Board creation!

1:15 Session: Nerdy Math Club (F) with and @katiestrawser and @brianwyzlic

1:15 Session: Google Drive in the Elementary (ML)
@techieteacher10session notes are here

Wow. I still have so much to learn before we start with Google Apps in Ed this fall. My big take-aways were all the tools that are available when you open a doc -- research (Google, quotes, images...), ways to share, commenting and suggesting, activity log that means no document is ever completely lost.

2:30  Math Workshop with @darcyJobe and @smithand1015

Math Workshop schedule  in Darcy and Andrew's Classroom:
  • Number Routine
  • Minilesson
  • Work sites/Problem Solving Opportunities
  • Reflection/Exit Slip

2:30 Session Connecting Globally (ML)

Top resources:


  1. Will there be a google doc/idea board again this year? That was so helpful to those of us who couldn't attend! Happy Blogging! :)

  2. This is so fun! Thanks for letting us peek in on all the great things that are happening there!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing. It was fun to follow virtually and I already reserved seven books from the library.

  4. This looks like SO much fun! All the energy and ideas! And thanks to Mary Lee for the 15 Words or Less shoutout:>)

  5. I loved seeing both of you at nErDCampMI and especially enjoyed your session on poetry Mary Lee. :)


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