Thursday, July 10, 2014

Take Away the A

Take Away the A
by Michaƫl Escoffier (author of Brief Thief, Me First! and The Day I Lost My Superpowers)
illustrated by Kris Di Giacomo
Enchanted Lion Books, due out September 12, 2014
review copy provided by the publisher

You will want this book. I guarantee it.

Best. Alphabet Book. Ever.

This is the kind of mentor text that makes you want to try writing this way...right NOW.

Here's a taste:

"Without the A
the BEAST is BEST.

Without the B
the BRIDE goes for a RIDE.

Without the C
the CHAIR has HAIR."

See what I mean?

I wish you could actually see the book, because the other part of the fun is finding the duck, the mice, the octopus, the monkey, and the cats in spreads other than their own throughout the book.

Need a quote for a slide in your word study/vocabulary presentation? From the press release:
"Since we are really only able to think about the world, ourselves, and the nature of life itself (along with everything else) within the vocabulary that is available to us, the richer and more nuanced our language is, the richer our possibilities for thinking and understanding become. From this point of view, the ethical, political, cultural and intellectual imperatives for deepening a child's sense of language and its possibilities are profound. Giving them the idea that language is a vital material with which they can make and build and shape their world is so clearly of vital importance."

What are you waiting for?


  1. Can't wait to read this book Mary Lee! Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. I am doing a vocabulary presentation next week! On Friday! I NEED this book!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!

  3. Cheering loudly thanks for sharing!!

  4. It sounds marvelous, Mary Lee. One of my colleagues collects alphabet books-perfect for her!

  5. You were so right -- I DO want that book!

  6. It's on my book order for Fall! Can't wait to share it with my teaching staff!

  7. This makes me so glad that I collect alphabet books, or used to...time to restart THAT hobby, and that quote, IN A BOOK SO SIMPLE, is overjoying me. Who is that press release writer???

  8. Dang--why didn't I think to write this?!? These kinds of word things occur to me all the time. Poo.


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