Monday, July 07, 2014

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

For the It's Monday! What Are You Reading? round up, visit Jen at Teach Mentor Texts! Thanks, Jen for this weekly event!

It was a good reading week.  I read more than usual, even though I had other things I probably should have been doing. These are my favorites from the week--these are all MUST READS in my opinion as I loved them all!


Elizabeth, Queen of the Seas--This was an amazing story of an elephant seal. It is based on a true story and has great illustrations by Brian Floca. I had not heard of this book but fell in love with it immediately!  A very happy surprise read. This is one that will make a great read aloud in the fall.

My Teacher Is a Monster! (No, I Am Not.)-Every Peter Brown book is a MUST READ in my opinion. I so love this new one about a boy and his teacher. Love the way the story unfolds and I find new things in the pictures every time!

Pardon Me!-Thanks to Beth at Cover to Cover for sharing this book with me during my last shopping spree.  This is an almost wordless picture book. A fun story with great illustrations.  Kids will love it and I don't think you can ever have too many good wordless (or almost wordless) picture books.


Rain Reign-This is definitely one of my favorite reads of the year.  This is a great story of a girl named Rose and her dog Rain.  Rose is diagnosed with Asperger's and she is character who will stay with me for a very long time.  This is the perfect middle grade novel--great issues to discuss without being too heavy for 4-6th graders. Love this one. (It doesn't come out til October and it seems unkind to share it when you can't really get it yet, but it is so good that you should order it right away and block off some time on its release day to read it!)


The Revision Toolbox, Second Edition: Teaching Techniques That Work-I loved Georgia Heard's Revision Toolbox when the first edition came out so I was excited to see this one. This one is the same great thinking bout revision and the importance of changing our students' stance about revision. Georgia also includes lots of specific ideas for narrative, informational and persuasive writing which I needed as I think ahead to the school year.

And I am currently reading Digital Leadership: Changing Paradigms for Changing Times by Eric Sheninger. I have followed the author on Twitter (@NMHS_Principal) for a while and have been hearing lots about the book. Even though it is intended for administrators, I am learning lots and seeing the impact technology can make on a whole school.  I have not read much but I already have lots to think about.  


  1. I loved My Teacher - when he raises his hand at the park cracked me up!! I have Elizabeth in my pile for this week. Can't wait to read Rain Reign. Colby said there are some in the nerdcampmi swag. Keeping my fingers crossed. I'll be in your session this afternoon. Looking forward to the learning!

  2. Heading over to put in an order for Rain Reign - we need more books like this to widen our perspectives. Eric Sheninger always has such thoughtful things to say on Twitter - and this sounds like a book I must read, as well.

  3. Didn't Pardon Me remind you of Jon Klassen's books? ;-) I can't wait to read Rain Reign. Everyone is raving about it!

  4. I agree every Peter Brown book is a must read and this one looks like a good addition to my library collection. I use You Will Be My Friend as a beginning of year book and I am anxious to get a look at My Teacher is a Monster. The title reminds me of the Black Lagoon series.

  5. Rain Reign does sound good, Franki, & Elizabeth Queen of the Seas also. Thanks for sharing those, plus Pardon Me. I have a colleague who collects wordless pic books, so will share!

  6. I loved the first edition of Georgia Heard's Revision Toolbox and loved taking an online course with her over it. So many good ideas.

  7. Rain Rein looks wonderful. I have a soft spot for books with characters with autism. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I am very excited to read Rain Reign - I have heard amazing buzz from those who have read it early! I just saw Elizabeth Queen of the Sea at the bookstore and didn't pick it up - when I return I am going to sit and read it. Thanks for sharing such lovely titles.

  9. Thank you for sharing Rain Reign. I will make sure to order it. I also was intrigued by the Peter Brown title. That is one I will look for. Have a great reading week!

  10. We ordered all of these books - Thanks for the terrific recommendations!

  11. You have convinced me by just saying Brian Floca - I lovelovelove his art. Will definitely try to find this new book. Rain Reign sounds like a beautiful and meaningful book too.


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