Wednesday, August 05, 2015

July Photo Mosaics -- New Possibilities

For years, I've been making a monthly mosaic of my photos using Flickr albums and FD's Flickr Toys.

Recently, I learned about a new mosaic maker that is fun, intuitive, and free! FotoJet won't be good for showcasing 30 photos at a time, but I can imagine using it to make cards and other smaller projects. Here are some flower photos from this June and July:

While I was home in Colorado in July, it was County Fair time! Ever since I was a kid, the businesses around town have purchased ads to support the fair. These ads are painted on the businesses' doors and windows. Perhaps because I haven't seen them for many years, they really caught my eye. I loved finding the painter's sense of humor in them, like in this one at Dorman Renewable Fuels where the clown is filling up his truck directly from the corn plant, and the one at Safeway that incorporated another sign on the window:

I shot a few short clips of video while I was home, too. One day when I was out running errands, I heard the iconic sound of an ag plane, and looked up to see that it was working fields right at the edge of town. My dad was an ag pilot until after I was born (not a safe job for a man with a family), so I always feel a tug in my heart for him when I watch these amazing pilots.

The rest of my videos (carousel, rodeo, locust tree) are on Flickr.

I used some of my photos to illustrate a few of the Haiku-a-Days I wrote in July. They are here, here, and here.

Here is my traditional July mosaic (see Flickr for notes about each photo):

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