Monday, August 10, 2015

#pb10for10 -- New Poetry to Add to Your Collection

First, a huge shout-out to Cathy Mere (@CathyMere, Reflect and Refine: Building a Learning Community) and Mandy Robek (@MandyRobek, Enjoy and Embrace Learning) for creating this 10 for 10 event SIX years ago! Their blog names say it all, don't they? These two ladies are a force for good in the world.

On to my ten picture books for this year...

As you are getting your classroom library ready for the new school year, take a close look at your poetry shelves and see if you might need one or more of these 2015 poetry books to fill out your collection.


Over the Hills and Far Away
This is a collection of Mother Goose/Nursery rhymes from around the world that will stand the test of time. It is fun to study each spread and think about the way the collector chose and grouped the rhymes. The illustrations are gorgeous.

A Pirate's Mother Goose
A very fun collection of parodies of traditional rhymes, pirate style! Great mentor text for writing your own version of a well-known rhyme.

Monster Goose Nursery Rhymes
While we're doing this Mother Goose thing, let's have another collection of parodies, this time using monsters and beasts as the characters. Another great mentor text.


The Death of the Hat: A Brief History of Poetry in 50 Objects
This collection is incredible. Paul Janeczko has chosen 50 poems, from the Early Middle Ages to Contemporary, each featuring an object, and each very accessible to children. Great introduction to famous poets (and some famous poems) throughout the ages.

National Geographic Book of Nature Poetry
J. Patrick Lewis and National Geographic have done it again! Another anthology with spectacular photography that will draw children in and invite them to see the image through new eyes by reading the poems.


Presidential Misadventures
Come for the presidential facts, stay for the clerihews (a mentor text if you want to try to write some).

Random Body Parts
Puzzles in verse with factual sidebars and a glossary of science terms and poetry forms in the backmatter.


There Was an Old Dragon Who Swallowed a Knight
A fresh new take on an old rhyme. I have a whole collection of "I Know an Old ____ Who Swallowed a ____" books, and this will be a fun addition!


Sweep Up the Sun
This is an exceptional example of metaphorical writing. On the surface it is a book about birds. Read it again and again and look for more. This might be your go-to book for graduation gifts this coming spring! I used it for repeated/close reading with my fifth graders. Each time they found more and more levels of meaning.


Flutter and Hum
Gorgeously illustrated book of poems in both Spanish and English. Fascinating afterword that tells about Julie Paschkis' writing process. Word lovers will pore over the illustrations and soak up new words in both English and Spanish.


  1. Oh no! New poetry books! I don't own any of these! I think I will start with Flutter and Hum/Aleteo y Zumbedo, because I can use that at my school. But then I might also need the new National Geographic one, because I love the nature one, and then I love Helen Frost! Uh-oh!

  2. Fell in love with Sweep Up the Sun this year, and I also love The Death of the Hat which I still need to read cover to cover. I just hopscotched through my copy. And now I'm off to request a few new titles. Thanks for your fabulous list.

  3. Thanks so much for mentioning THERE WAS AN OLD DRAGON WHO SWALLOWED A KNIGHT. I'm anxious to hear what your students think :-)

  4. Great list! I don't own any of these either (I do have Nat Geo's animal poem book, but now I HAVE to get the nature one too!)

  5. Hooray, I love new poetry books! My students adore the Nat Geo animal poems, so the nature collection is a must, and I am super intrigued by Death of the Hat and Flutter & Hum (love Julie's artwork)!

  6. Anonymous7:01 PM

    Thanks for including Flutter & Hum, Alateo y Zumbido. I am honored to be included on this list, and I look forward to looking at the other books. The Death of the Hat looks especially intriguing. Now I want to go put on a hat.

  7. Mary Lee,
    Thank you for sharing so many new poetry titles. I'm glad to see so many arriving on shelves these days. Yay, poetry! Looking forward to checking out Pirate Mother Goose, Nature Poetry, Death of the Hat & Dragon Poetry. Those our first on my library list, but others sure to follow.

    Thanks for participating again this year. What an amazing resource the community creates each year!



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