Thursday, May 05, 2016

Poetry Friday -- Pigs

I visited four first grade classes (two visits -- two classes per visit) this week as the "visiting poet." One of the groups used the above picture as a prompt to start writing nonfiction poems. In my mailbox today, I found this:

And in this envelope was a whole packet of piggy poems! 
Here are a few:

The Pig

I am pink.
My nam is pig.

I am skrd you will
eat me.

I liv in a farm.
And I slep in

oink oink

(Stanzas!! And how about those pig balloons!!)

Baby Pigs

the pig are pink
they roll in mud
togther as a team
baby pig are piglets 
snort oink snort oink

(I like how this writer improved on the "oink oink" ending!)

Pigs Day

Pigs go
to the
mud to
dres up
in mud

(never mind Cinco de Mayo...let's celebrate PIGS DAY!)

Little Pig

I am a pig I play in
mud and I have 2 broths
We play and play all day
but dowte get coos to me!
are I will get you dirty.

(please note the interesting contrast between 
the illustrations and the poem!)

Sylvia has this week's Poetry Friday roundup at Poetry For Children.


  1. There's no contrast between the illustrations and the poem, Mary Lee! Those little pigs are playing imaginary monster games! That round brown ruffled thing on the left must be the mud puddle (aka, the monster pit).

    1. Clearly, I need more experience interpreting the illustrations of young children!!

  2. Like Diane, I am having a wonderful time this morning trying to interpret that last illustration. Kids and piggy poems - what a fun way to begin Friday!

    1. I believe the pigs are playing video games, just like the boy and his brothers! (At least that's how I see it!)

  3. Oink Oink Oink! These poems are all so adorable. Dare I say it? I'm in hog heaven . . . .:)

  4. Pig Day! How wonderful!! And you as the Visiting Poet. I love it, Mary Lee. snort oink grunt squeal xo

  5. Wonderful surprise for you, Mary Lee. I think they must have been delighted writing pig poems, and including mud. Terrific!

  6. Oink oink! Kudos to all of the young poets and artists!

  7. Mary Lee, you captured the creative world of little one's poetry lives. Oink, Oink, Snort!

  8. Thanks for giving me a smile this morning. I needed it in the midst of finals and grading.

  9. Pig nonfiction poems are a great way to get them going with writing! I just love first grade!

  10. They obviously had a good time with you, Mary Lee! Nobody has such joyful pig poems who wasn't having a poetry party.

  11. What a fun, fun project!

  12. As a big fan of pork in all its manifestations, I have to say I love these! Three cheers for stanzas, onomatopoeia, and hardwood smokers!

  13. Mary Lee, I love it. What fun porker poetry. I love all the wonderful poet things the kids demonstrate in their verses. You must be a fantastic teacher!
    I'm all for Pig Day, let's celebrate by writing pig poems. Sandra Boyton has nothing on these artists. Well done.

  14. "But dowte get coos to me
    Are I will get you dirty"

    Adorable...and realistic.

  15. I'm so happy you were asked to visit with younger students and share your writing life with them as a poet. How fun! The poems you shared are precious.

  16. What a delight to read piggy poems. Happy Pigs Day!

  17. Don't get coos to me. Ha! I love that more than don't get close---no cooing please! Those kids are lucky to have you visit and you are lucky to have their poems. What a lovely arrangement---I'm tickled pink. (sorry!)

  18. Hi, Mary Lee, and thanks for joining the Poetry Friday gathering. I love this pig feature complete with kid writing and art! And how fun to get to be a teacher AND a visiting poet! They're lucky to have you!

  19. Pigs are the perfect pick-me-up! These are all wonderful! I may have to go around today saying, "I am pink. My name is pig." Oh, and just to add my own interpretation to the last illustration, I think those are the nasty germs that come with being dirty.

  20. Forget Cinco de Mayo or Mother's Day, let's celebrate Pig's Day...with bacon? Hee-hee, don't tell the students in room 115. Thanks for sharing these gems, you made me smile. =)

  21. Those are adorable illustrated poems. The pink balloons are pretty awesome. :-)

  22. I enjoyed the alternating Snort Oink as well - how awesome this experience must have been for you and the kids. :) Such fun!


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