Wednesday, September 07, 2016

My New Favorite Nonfiction Series

Welcome to my new favorite nonfiction series, the Disgusting Critters series, or, as originally published in French, Les petits dégoûtants.

You can see that I tagged these books "nonfiction should be fun." Along with information about the critters' bodies, eating habits, and all the nasty things they do, each book also contains off-the-wall comments by the narrator and the critter, and delightfully goofy illustrations.

Franki texted me, "Your nonfiction post that I sneaked a peek at just cost me $37.00." These books are perfect for third grade. I checked out the whole series from the library and will read one to my fifth graders for #classroombookaday (the one they vote as the most disgusting critter), and then I will keep them in the room for a couple of weeks.

That's what I'm thinking right now, but based on my students' response, this post might cost ME $37.00, too!


  1. I just got four of these this summer so a smaller bill than Franki's but adding the others. I think my students will love them!

  2. OK, trying to back away from the debit card, but these look terrific!

  3. I read one for #classroombookaday yesterday. They went nuts and I probably won't see one of these books for weeks. Everyone wants to read them!

  4. Okay, I bought The Slug, thanks to Stacey Shubitz's Craft Moves, but now I have ordered the rest:) Gah- books are my vice!

  5. I went on Amazon and read the "look inside" for The Worm, and it looks wonderful! One simply cannot have too many nonfiction texts, and I think my 2nd graders will love these. I often purchase new books, and for the sake of convenience I tend to fall back on Scholastic. Nothing wrong with Scholastic, but it's nice to find this blog and see there are other options. Thanks so much!

  6. YES! I gave head lice to one of my patrons and she came back and told me "that was the most disgusting book we have ever read". My work here is done.


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