Thursday, November 29, 2018

Poetry Friday -- Call for Roundup Hosts

It's that time again. Six months have passed since last we queued up to host the Poetry Friday roundups.

If you'd like to host a roundup between January and June 2019, leave your choice(s) of date(s) in the comments. I'll update regularly to make it easier to see which dates have been claimed.

What is the Poetry Friday roundup? A gathering of links to posts featuring original or shared poems, or reviews of poetry books. A carnival of poetry posts. Here is an explanation that Rene LaTulippe shared on her blog, No Water River, and here is an article Susan Thomsen wrote for the Poetry Foundation.

Who can do the Poetry Friday roundup? Anyone who is willing to gather the links in some way, shape, or form (Mr. Linky, "old school" in the comments-->annotated in the post, or ???) on the Friday of your choice. If you are new to the Poetry Friday community, jump right in, but perhaps choose a date later on so that we can spend some time getting to know each other.

How do you do a Poetry Friday roundup? If you're not sure, stick around for a couple of weeks and watch...and learn! One thing we're finding out is that folks who schedule their posts, or who live in a different time zone than you, appreciate it when the roundup post goes live sometime on Thursday.

How do I get the code for the PF Roundup Schedule for the sidebar of my blog? You can grab the list from the sidebar here at A Year of Reading, or I'd be happy to send it to you if you leave me your email address. You can always find the schedule on the Kidlitosphere Central webpage.

Why would I do a Poetry Friday Roundup? Community, community, community. It's like hosting a poetry party on your blog!

And now for the where and when:

4    Sylvia at Poetry for Children
11  Kat at Kathryn Apel
18  Tricia at The Miss Rumphius Effect
25  Tara at Going to Walden

1    Tabatha at The Opposite of Indifference
8    Laura at Writing the World for Kids
15  Jone at Check it Out
22  Robyn at Life on the Deckle Edge

1    Linda at TeacherDance
8    Catherine at Reading to the Core
15  Heidi at My Juicy Little Universe
22  Rebecca at Sloth Reads
29  Carol at Carol's Corner

5     Karen at Karen Edmisten*
12   Irene at Live Your Poem
19  Amy at The Poem Farm
26  Carol at Beyond LiteracyLink

3    Jama at Jama's Alphabet Soup
10  Liz at Elizabeth Steinglass
17  Michelle at Michelle Kogan
24  Dani at Doing the Work That Matters
31  Mary Lee at A Year of Reading

7    Margaret at Reflections on the Teche
14  Laura at Laura Shovan
21  Linda at A Word Edgewise
28  Buffy at Buffy's Blog


  1. I'd like Feb. 15

  2. Thanks, Mary Lee, for keeping us organized! I'd like Mar. 1st, please!

  3. I'll take Feb 8, Mary Lee--thank you!

  4. Thank you for making this poetry party happen, ML. May I please have April 19? xxxx

  5. Thanks for keeping this amazing PF community going. I'd like June 7th.

  6. I’ll give it a go! (Thanks for the nudge, Margaret) May I have May 24?

  7. May 3, please. Thanks, Mary Lee!

  8. Hi Mary Lee! How about Feb 1st for me? Thanks for doing this again!

  9. I'll take June 14, please. Thank you!

  10. Could I have March 22nd please? (Sloth Reads)

  11. June 21st for Linda Mitchell @

  12. I'd like June 28th. Thank you, Mary Lee!

  13. I'll do March 29th.

  14. Hi Mary Lee, can I have May 10th? Thank you for doing this!!!

  15. Hi Mary Lee - thank you for your organizational skills, as ever! I'd love April 12. xo

  16. I'll take April 5, if it's still available. THANKS for corralling us once again!

  17. I can do Feb. 22! Thanks so much for corralling us all, Mary Lee. :0)

  18. Hi again, Mary Lee! Could I please change my date from April 5 to January 4? I’d love to kick off Poetry Friday in 2019! ��

  19. Thanks for doing this, Mary Lee! I'll take January 25th, please.

  20. Hi Mary Lee!
    Stick me where you need me if you run out of people. ☺

  21. Hi Mary Lee I'd like May 17th if available. Thanks for organizing the Roundup schedule!

  22. Thank you for organizing us, Mary Lee! I'd like March 8th, please.

  23. Heidi couldn't get her comment to stick from her phone. She asked for 3/15.

  24. Hi Mary Lee. I don't think January 11th been taken yet? Can I please have that slot? Thank-you and thank-you. :)

  25. Mary Lee, if you still need someone for April 5th, I'll take that one.

  26. Can I have January 18?

  27. Mary Lee, I can't believe I missed the calendar call. I see there is only one date left-April 26th. I will take that one. Beyond LiteracyLink


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