Thursday, November 22, 2018

Poetry Friday

Rise and Fall

Fall takes her leave,
pelts down grainy snow,
swirls the last of the leaves
with darkness and cold.

Rising at the back of the warm stove:
leavened dough.

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2018

While I was waiting for my turn at the dentist yesterday, the words leave, leaves, and leavening came to me. What you see here is about draft number seven, written in the waiting room, in my head as I washed dishes from yesterday's first batch of candy, and finished now as the dough for cinnamon rolls is rising.

It's good to be writing (and blogging) again.

I'm planning to write going to write a haiku-a-day in December, as I have for the past several years. Catherine (at Reading to the Core) suggested a shift from #HaikuForHealing to #HaikuForHope. I like that. I also like #HaikuForChange. Just plain #haiku seems like a popular hashtag as well, along with #amwriting.

Next week, watch for the Call for Roundup Hosts (January-June 2019 edition).

Last, but not least -- Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for each of you and for this community of writers/poets/teachers/readers.

Irene has this week's Poetry Friday roundup at Live Your Poem.


  1. Loved the words blended into this sensory filled poem!

  2. Mary Lee, I love how you are playing with these words and their meanings.. and that you were writing in the wilds of the dentist office! Truly, I missed hearing you share with us at our panel... and look forward to your December haiku offerings, which always delight and inspire me. Thank you! xo

  3. What a stunning capture of your thoughts in a waiting room. Your poem is sensual. I love it. And, I will join you in December. I do love Haiku for Hope. I've been in a bit of a slump as the school year has pounded me with demands and my love for teaching has taken up my mind's time. I'll bet you are similar. I look forward to finding time for haiku in December with you.

  4. I really like your poem, and the picture of how its dough rose and turned into bread!

  5. I love the discovery of how words can work together to weave a poem. That dough at the end was such a pleasant surprise and now I smell cinnamon. I'm so glad you are back and hopefully rested from the rigors of NCTE. I'll join #haikuforhope when I can. My daughter's baby is due mid-December so I may be "rocking Rocket," (my nickname for him because she hasn't told us his name.) So great to work with you at NCTE. Sorry we didn't get to visit much, though.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving, and happy holidays! I like the use of leave, leaves, leavening. Thanks for sharing!

  7. It is always good to be having 'other' thoughts when at the dentist. I love the texture changes of "leave, leaves, leavening", Mary Lee. I hope I can find time to write some with you in #haikuforhope this December. That name certainly feels good after the elections. Thanks, Mary Lee

  8. Welcome back! I have missed your posts! I love the contrast between leaves falling and winter coming, and the comfort of warm bread rising. Your poem makes me want to bake! Haiku time again already?? Hmmm…

  9. Cinnamon rolls? I'll be right over!

  10. Mary Lee, you know I am a baker. I loved the turn this poem (almost a tanka?) took at the end -- yes to dough rising at the back of the warm stove.

  11. A lovely combination of words and thought process. And I must be sure to check back next weekend to pop my name down for a hosting spot. :) Happy haiku-ing!

  12. Gorgeous fall poem Mary Lee, I love the "Rise and Fall" both figuratively and literally that share a home in your lines–and the closing lines with warmth and "leavened dough." Looking forward to your haikus!


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