Tuesday, April 06, 2021

National Poetry Month: #haikudiary.6


Virginia bluebells
at first neither blue nor bells
spring ephemeral

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2021

Sorry I sent you off to Google for sessile trillium yesterday!
(Here's one of ours...see the little one to the right?)

And here are my Virginia bluebells as of today.
They are getting the faintest blush of blue.


  1. I liked going looking for sessile trillium. Although now I'm thinking, "Did I come back and comment?" I have seen Virginia bluebells, I think? And why are they called that when they aren't blue? Are there some that are blue?

  2. Fascinating! I had no idea they started out this way.

  3. Spring changes makes us more watchful! I just noticed a first violet! Happy Tuesday!

  4. Thanks for the photos! But I didn't mind googling either. I'm loving your haiku!

  5. Mary Lee, these are gorgeous. I'm going to have to learn a bit more about them. Like Carol, I have a lot of questions about the name.

  6. It's getting to be 'bell' weather! Another great haiku. :)


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