Wednesday, April 07, 2021

National Poetry Month: #haikudiary.7


nervous, excited
first day at April
together at last

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2021

My Remote Learning Academy students have been troopers (most of them, for the most part, most of the time). They've been learning through a screen and working in isolation for more than a year now. This month, they've been granted a small reprieve. It comes in the form of state testing, which must be done in person. But even the price of a morning spent testing is not too high for the opportunity to be inside a school again, in the physical company of classmates. We get two days this week, two days next week, and two days at the end of the month. This is what will get us through to the end of May. For once, I'm glad for the chaos known as state testing. 

For those who are following my spring bloom haikus, here's what the Virginia bluebells look like just one day later. See why they are classified a "spring ephemeral?" Now they are blue. Now they are bells.


  1. So excited for you that you get to be with your kids in person!

  2. My grand-girls are back in, one all the time, the other, some. They have loved meeting their teachers "for real" they tell me. I know that's the feeling you & the students have, too. Happy times!

  3. Funny. It takes the isolation of a pandemic to be glad for state testing...

    Regardless of the impetus, I am so glad for your kiddos to be with each other again. We are going back to hybrid learning mid April. The restrictions are many and most are staying home. Now. I think more may come to school as our state loosens restrictions.

    And, thank you for the picture of the (now) blue bells. A sight we don't get in the west.

  4. Those bluebells really are the faintest blue after pink! So weird!

  5. I am glad you posted the bluebells photo. Really pretty and yes, ephemeral!! In NY state (I think but am fairly certain) a couple of superintendents started an "opt in" notification from parents if they wanted to have their child tested. Now I think it is open to the entire state......I just cannot imagine how they can want to give these tests......
    Enjoy time with your kiddos!
    Janet Clare F.

  6. Yay for testing! (a statement none of us could imagine pre-Covid). I'm excited for you and your kiddos.
    And wow, what a difference a day makes with your bluebells! The blue 'rang' through.
    Indecently, the Urdu word for blue is 'Neela Rang'.

  7. Wonderful sense of excitement in your poem, and the best part, “together at last!” Love your bluebells, mine may have turned into bells overnight, thanks!


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