Friday, June 29, 2007

NEA N-E-1 ?

Are you going to NEA RA in Philadelphia?

Me, too!

All of the librarians had KidLit drink night at ALA, how about we have one at NEA?! (This is my first-ever rep. assembly, so I have exactly NO idea how realistic that suggestion is...)


  1. I would like to hear more about this. I am not a member of NEA. Can I go to just the exhibits? Can I just join to crowd of bloggers at the meet up? I'd love to be part of the fun and learn more about NEA.

  2. Sorry, no. But I'm going to come into NYC for the thing you've got going on in November. I don't even know what it is, just that lots of people I know will be talking, and thus a good recent for me to take a bus ride up that way.


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