Monday, June 25, 2007

We've Been Memed!

NYC Teacher (who is now known as Literacy Teacher) tagged us with the Five Things Meme. We're going to play a guessing game with this. In each category, either Franki or Mary Lee will supply the five things, and then you will be able to vote on whose five it is. Sometimes the answers are a combination of Franki and Mary Lee. How well do you think you "know" us?!? (Surveys are located BELOW each set of five.) Five Things I Was Doing Ten Years Ago 1. Looking for a house. 2. Learning to train my first dog. 3. Walking to our favorite restaurant (Gottlieb's). 4. Using a computer mostly for word processing. 5. Baking bread frequently.  Five Snacks I Enjoy 1. DOTS. 2. red licorice. 3. Oreos. 4. orange slice candy. 5. dark chocolate.  Five Songs I Know All the Lyrics To 1. All of the songs from GREASE. 2. "I think I love you" by the Partidge Family. 3. Don't Worry, Be Happy. 4. Ring of Fire. 5. Lollipop Tree.  Five Things I Would Do If I Were A Millionaire 1. Take a nap every day. 2. Buy family members lots of vacations. 3. Redecorate the whole house all at once. 4. Give lots of the $$ away. 5. Hire someone to do the laundry.  Five Bad Habits 1. Procrastination. I'm get lots done, but not always what I need to do right now. 2. Talking on the phone. 3. Asking questions before I get the answer to the one I just asked. 4. Not folding laundry when it comes out of the dryer. 5. Being late for appointments because I do just one more thing before I leave.  Five Things I Like To Do 1. Take naps. 2. Read. 3. Write. 4. Teach. 5. Fly fish, bike, hike, garden.  Five Things I Would Never Wear Again 1. A bikini. 2. The 1980's version of the Bob Evans hostess uniform. 3. Pigtails. 4. Cowboy boots. 5. Shoulder pads.  Five Favorite Toys 1. iPod. 2. USB vacuum cleaner. 3. iMovie/iDVD. 4. Fishing gear. 5. Office supplies.  Lots of folks seem to be on blog holiday, so we won't tag anyone in particular. Join in if you want!

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