Monday, June 25, 2007

Taking A Bath With The Dog

I just picked up Taking a Bath With the Dog and Other Things That Make Me Happy by Scott Menchin in Maine. (I cannot visit anywhere without making a trip to at least one bookstore!)

This is a great picture book that I hadn't seen before. A child is looking sad and her mother asks her what would make her happy. The little girl goes around and asks people what makes them happy, only to find out that different things make different people happy. Then she thinks about all of the things that make her happy!

It is a simple, predictable picture book that can be read by early readers. But the lesson is good for readers of all ages. I bought a copy for my classroom--I think I can use it when we start writers' notebooks in the fall as ideas for lists (Things that Make Me Happy). I also think kids would love it for the message and colorful illustrations. It might also be a good one for K-1 classrooms--books that kids could easily read on their own because of the picture supports and predictable text.

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  1. I love this idea. I want to use this idea this week!


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