Tuesday, June 05, 2007


So, I haven't had much time to blog.... It has been a crazy two weeks. I have been working on a book for Scholastic Professional and it finally went in the mail today. Won't be out until February but the final copy went to the editor today. So, I feel like I have time to breathe again. That deadline stuff is no fun.

No, I am not sure what we were thinking--a book deadline and the end of the school year all at the same time. Craziness for sure. But, it worked out well. I went on high-speed for a month or so and now everything will come to a close. It was actually good to have some diversion to the end of the year. As much as I love summer and the different pace, extra time with family, etc. the end of the school year is always sad. 20 years of teaching, 20 classes of kids. No matter how long you teach, every class is different. Every class takes on its own personality. Every class stays with you in some way. So when the last day of school comes up, you realize that there will never be another year like this. A great feeling to have been part of a great group of people learning together, but a sad time too.

The kids were feeling it today too. They were quite cute. We had a special POETRY FRIDAY on Tuesday since we don't have school on Friday. We had a ball. Several of the kids wrote and shared their own poems about the last few days of school. They certainly understand poetry and how to play with words. Others had fun sharing favorites from the year.

So today has been the first day I've been able to think about the actual end of the year. As I said, the book was a good diversion--the end of the year is a bummer. It is fun to see the kids grow up and move on but knowing that we'll never have a year just like this one is always a bit sad.

I imagine lots of us are having our last days of school sometime soon. And I think we all go through the same thing every year--as teachers, parents, kids.

Happy Last Day of School:-)


  1. Anonymous7:40 PM

    Franki, how neat. What's your book about?

  2. Franki, I am so excited that you wrote a new book! I can't wait until it comes out...can you give any info. on what it focuses on?

  3. Anonymous9:06 PM

    Happy last day of school! And congratulations on getting the book submitted. I look forward to hearing more.

  4. Happy Last Day of School Ladies!

    I'm tagging you for a summer goals meme:


  5. That is so exciting to hear about your book! You just dropped that little news item in there, didn't you? ;) Tell us more!

    We are having our last day of school too. It is sad to see the eight graders graduate, when I've known them for seven years. But exciting for them going to high school. For all the other grades it's nice being the librarian because I get to see the same students next year.

  6. What is the name of the book. I love Scholastic Professional books.
    I still have seven school days left, but it is going quickly.


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