Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A New Wordless Picture Book--SOUTH by Patrick McDonnell

After learning so much from Katie D at Creative Literacy about the importance of picture reading with young children, I have been trying to add quality wordless books to my collection. This week, I was thrilled to find SOUTH by Patrick McDonnell. What a great book! I love the size. It is a small book and the characters are also pretty tiny on the page. This adds to the meaning of the book.
This is the simple story of a cat who helps a lost bird on his journey. I loved the story. It was so sweet and, as wordless books always do, it amazed me with the amount of meaning that was packed in.
My favorite page was the last one--loved the ending.

It is hard to review a wordless picture book --sharing it in words seems to ruin the visual experience of the book. But if you are looking for good, wordless picture books, this is definitely one you'll want to buy.


  1. ooh I love these kind of books!
    I like your blog by the way very neat. :-)

  2. I love this book, too. It's aparent simplicity is deceiving, and those are often the best kinds of books to me.

    I found your blog through Gotta Book. I'm in Columbus, OH, which I see is where you'll be this weekend. :-)


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