Sunday, September 28, 2008

When Bloggers Get Together

Jone and Jama, I forgot to take pictures of my Cloud Nine pancakes for you, but be assured, I did have them for breakfast. With a side of bacon!

Then we were off to Cover to Cover. We read, recommended, shared, chatted, and took over the Saturday Story Time area. Sorry kids! Hope you didn't mind having story time up front with Clifford the Big Red Dog!

I don't have any official figures, but I'm pretty sure none of us left with less than $50 worth of books!  My picks were Judy Moody Goes to College, the newest Magic Tree House (Eve of the Emperor Penguins), There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Fly Guy (for my collection of variants), Cynthia Rylant's retelling of Cinderella (all of Franki's raving finally convinced me), The Scrambled States of America (the new one is SO fun that I had to have the first one, too), and since Eid is coming up next week, Night of the Moon.

Partly because I wasn't feeling well (thank you, class, for this KICKIN' cold) and partly because I was whining about not having any time to do my own reading (due to the recent avalanche of Notables nominees that are sitting around my house in boxes and teetering stacks), I went right home and read both Judy Moody and Eve of the Emperor Penguins.  Now I can really talk these two books up with my kids next week when I add them to my classroom library.  It's not like I'm caught up or anything, but that tiny piece of peace of mind is going to fuel the rest of the weekend as I attempt to work without the ability to breathe.  (I did just learn that I can drink whisky with an impaired/nonexistent sense of smell/taste, and the warmth in my chest feels dang good.  I may not get much of anything done after all...)


  1. Despite your alleged "cold," you seem to be living the high life with cloud nine pancakes, new books, and whiskey (tsk, tsk). Ahem. Medicinal purposes. Yes.

    I'm reading Judy Moody Goes to College right now! Feel better soon. Cough, cough. :)

  2. Hope the whiskey helped you sleep last night, and I'm glad the smell of it didn't get in the way os you enjoying the side benefits!

    As far as yesterday goes, I had such a wonderful time! You got some great action shots of us all over the bookstore! Fun stuff!!

  3. I am so bummed that I missed the blogger breakfast. It looks like you all had fun! I hope to make it the next time.

  4. Pancakes, new books, and whiskey sounds like a winner combination to fight the cold. I know you were not feeling 100% great but you still came to our breakfast, and I was glad to see you again! Hope you feel better!

  5. yuuuuck cold #1 for the year? i've been fighting one myself. i know it's coming. it looks like you guys had a swell time!


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