Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Houdini the Amazing Caterpillar

Houdini the Amazing Caterpillar
by Janet Pedersen
Houghton Mifflin, 2008
review copy provided by the publisher

There has never been a caterpillar with more personality than Houdini. His mother whispers to him when he is just an egg, "You will do amazing and magical things, Houdini." Sure enough, he winds up as the star of the show in an aquarium surrounded by a classroom full of children with all kinds of curious faces and quite a few missing teeth. He loses his audience to a turtle and a spider, so he has to think up a show-stopper of an act. Sure enough, he gets his audience back when he emerges as a butterfly.

Reviewed here by Sarah, at The Reading Zone, who is the self-proclaimed "crazy butterfly lady."

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  1. See, I liked this one and my daughter thought it was cute, but it didn't grab her and she ended up not checking it out at the library. Oh well. Maybe I'll see what my 1st graders think of it.


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