Sunday, November 09, 2008

How Fast Is It?

How Fast Is It?  A Zippy Book All About Speed
by Ben Hillman
Scholastic, 2008
I bought it.  Had to have it.

If you are a fan of How Big Is It? and How Strong Is It? you are going to have to buy this book.

Same great pictures that say almost as much as the words, same great text that grabs you and makes you want to read:
Birds Gotta Swim, Fish Gotta Fly
Some animals don't do as they're told. Birds are supposed to fly. Fish are supposed to swim. Now meet the penguin and the flying fish. They've turned the rules topsy-turvy. 

Coyote vs. Roadrunner
You may be surprised to learn that some television cartoons show events that have nothing at all to do with reality! But before you throw down this book and start writing an indignant letter to the television networks, let's see how bad it really is.

The fastest computer in the world is that small, squishy blog of glop inside your head.

Those are a few of my favorite leads. Hillman is a master of endings, which I think are even harder to write:
Even teenagers don't grow that fast.  

You might wonder if you can really use a sneeze to gain an advantage over your tennis opponent. You could, but please don't. It's not polite. And just to be safe, cover your mouth when you sneeze. Please.

"And if you make me explain relativity theory one more time, I'm stopping this bus!"


  1. I love this book and all the others in the series, too! They're a huge hit with the kids at my library.

  2. Anonymous2:47 PM

    Mary Lee, one for Jr. and me? Sounds like it!

  3. My favorite is the sloth that would take about 15 minutes to run to first base! Finally, a base runner even I could throw out!

  4. Can't use "glop" enough, I always say.

  5. I really need to check this series out. They look like incredible non-fiction reads!


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