Monday, January 05, 2009


So, what are the chances that I would discover new favorite book characters that star in THREE books during our 3rd Blog Birthday Celebration!? What a lucky week!

Browsing blogs over break, I came across some posts of Maxwell Eaton's Blog Tour here, and here.  Somehow or other, I totally missed discovering his amazing books--The Adventures of Max and Pinky. I am always looking for books in a series for young readers. I think it is so important that kids fall in love with characters who they can read about in more than one book.  As much as I am totally annoyed at myself for missing Max and Pinky, I am so happy that I found them now. As soon as I read the blog tour and visited Eaton's site, I ordered all 3 books.  They are even better than I expected!

Max (a boy) and Pinky (a pig) are best friends who have lots of adventures.  They are great fun. Two of the best friends I have seen in books. There are lots to love about these books.  First of all, the illustrations are great. Bright and simple. Clear and amusing.  The text is simple and the words are large enough for new readers.  There is text on the page that tells the story and there are talking bubbles on nearly every page.  The talking bubbles provide an added layer of fun--the kind of humor that makes these books so lovable.  There is quite a bit of sarcasm in the talking bubbles--a fun, adorable kind--that both kids and adults will enjoy.

Usually, when there are three books about the same characters, there is one that I like better than the others. Not with these book. I LOVE them all. If you teach K-2, I would suggest buying all 3 at one time. I can't wait to introduce these characters in the library.  They might make my list of "Books I Could Read a Million Times" list. I'll keep you posted.

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  1. These are favorite books around here. Glad you love them!


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