Monday, January 26, 2009

Okay, Okay, Franki Won

Franki read the Newbery before it was announced today, so technically, she wins the friendly little non-competition (HA!) upon which this blog was originally based.

Here she is with Beth and Sally, the two other people in our world who read The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman before today's announcement.

I am going to claim a win of sorts this year too, because my prediction of the winner came true. I predicted that "the Newbery will be a book that hasn't darkened my door: Jimmy's Stars, Highway Cats, The Graveyard Book, The Porcupine Year, After Tupac and D Foster, Seer of Shadows, or The Trouble Begins at 8." There it is, the third one on my list. As a bonus, I have never seen the Caldecott winner, either! SCORE! (On a side note, I own a copy of the Caldecott Honor book, A River of Words, which is signed by both the author and the illustrator because I've had that one on my short list since last summer!)

But just to show that there are no hard feelings here we all are at Cover to Cover right before we left to go out to dinner:

Bestbookihavenotread, Literate Lives (minus Bill -- did your kid's team win the basketball game?), Cover to Cover, Creative Literacy, A Year of Reading, Authentic Learner x2, local author Amjed Qamar, and A Year of Reading.

Yes, blogging is fun, but it can't beat meeting at the best independent children's bookstore in our state on Newbery announcement day and then filling a huge booth at NorthStar and talking books!


  1. It looks like you had a great time.

  2. Girls, I am so jealous! I so wish this could have been a different night. But I know you had fun and I know I was in the right place as well!
    Time to start the hunt all over again!

  3. MIss you guys! Looks like it was good times like always!

  4. OK, this looks like a blast! Us Colorado folks really do need to get together (or move to Ohio where people are clearly more organized and do more fun stuff)!!!! I had not read ONE, not ONE of the CALDECOTT or NEWBERY winners. YIKES!

  5. Do I win the prize for the earliest arrival and departure? I arrived nearly 30 minutes before everyone else, which worked out since I got first dibs on all of the winners I hadn't purchased yet! Thanks for asking, but it was just practice.

  6. I"m sorry to have missed it! I will, honestly, get to one of your events - eventually! I work til 6 or 8, though - the trials of being in the public library, you know! HA!

    I didn't read either winner . . . but I do have the CD of Graveyard Tales in my office, and it's next on my pile - does that count for any partial points? Oh, and I follow Gaiman on twitter! He's a great writer - very witty blog, too.


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