Saturday, January 31, 2009


Another reason I love Cover to Cover is that they had all of the ALA award-winning books on display at the store--right when you walk in the door. I knew lot of the books that were winners but I found a few that I hadn't seen. One of the books I picked up today was WOLFSNAIL: A BACKYARD PREDATOR by Sarah C. Campbell. What a great book. I had no ideas that there were snails that ate other snails. This book was named a Geisel Honor Book on Monday. I am SOOOOO happy to see nonfiction on that award list. And this book is amazing. I picked it up and immediately knew that it would be a great read aloud for all age levels. So many things make it an amazing book:
*Amazing photos and many of them take up the full page
*Simple text packed with information
*Great language along with introductions of topic-specific words
*Some extra info on the last page, because once you know about this wolfsnail, you want to know more!
*A glossary with some of the "snail words"

Really, this is a spectacular book. I so love a book that teaches me about something I didn't even know existed. I am pretty sure that the kids will love this one!


  1. I have GOT to make a Bookies run today (in between football conditioning and basketball practice???)

  2. I missed that one, darn it! No wonder your stack was so high! :)

  3. I also enjoyed Wolfsnail for its originality and authenticity.
    There you saw genuine curiosity, research, and learning taking place--NATURally.

  4. Well, here I go . . . off to our local bookstore in Denver. Thanks for the suggestion!


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