Monday, June 15, 2009

Mem Fox and Steve Jenkins Collaborate on Great New Book

I was so happy to see two of my very favorite people --Mem Fox and Steve Jenkins--collaborate on the new book HELLO BABY. This is my new favorite baby gift book as many of Mem Fox's books are. The book starts out with the words, "Hello, baby! Who are you?" It then goes on to ask, "Are you a monkey with clever toes? Perhaps you're a porcupine, twitching its nose" With the rhyme and rhythm that Mem Fox pulls off so well, the book suggests many animal possibilities. The ending is quite precious.

The pages are white and Steve Jenkins large illustrations of each animal take up most of the page. The text is recognizable as Mem Fox's and the art is recognizable as Steve Jenkins'. Together, the two create a fun happy celebration of babies. I couldn't be happier that these two great people collaborated on this book!


  1. Now I need to find some friends with new babies so I have an excuse to buy this!

  2. I love Steve Jenkins! His artwork is always amazing!

    My niece just had a baby -- might have to stop and get this on my way to the hospital today. :)

  3. Franki,

    I love Steve Jenkins' picture book art. This sounds like a wonderful new book by two fine creators of children's books.

  4. This sounds terrific! And Steve is a Boulder guy!


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