Monday, June 08, 2009

48 Hour Read Challenge Summary

Well, I can never fully participate in Mother Reader's 48 Hour Read Challenge although it is one of my favorite "holidays" of the year. It usually falls just after our last day of school and is a great way to make sure to start the summer with lots of reading.

This year, we had our annual Central Ohio Blogger Breakfast followed by a rather expensive trip to Cover to Cover bookstore. Sally and the staff were gracious as always and we left with great books. I didn't get much reading in on Saturday except for catching up on blogs and twitter. But I spent a good part of Sunday reading. About 4 hours. It occurred to me that I had forgotten to tell my family that I would be participating in the 48 Hour Read. I thought it was clear that I would do nothing but read but they didn't realize it for a few hours. There were a few of us who were dying to read CATCHING FIRE so I finished that up last night.

And, I donated $2 per book from Cover to Cover to Mary Lee's Fish-A-Thon even to support Casting for Recovery. As a group, we raised over $200. I loved this new addition to Mother Reader's event.
All in all a great weekend, even though I did only have a few hours to read. I felt like it was a weekend filled with books and even though I couldn't participate fully, I did feel like it was a great reading weekend!

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  1. I understand the "never really getting to fully participate". It happened to me this year as well. Cogrants on raising money for Mary's cause.


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