Saturday, June 06, 2009

Shopping For a Good Cause and the 48 Hour Read

In Central Ohio, we might have to rename Mother Reader's 48 Hour Read as the 48 Hour Shop. We have definitely made it a tradition to shop for books a lot on this reading weekend! Today, the Central Ohio Bloggers met at our favorite breakfast spot, Northstar Cafe. We ate and chatted. Then we headed over to our favorite children's bookstore, Cover to Cover. Since Mary Lee couldn't join us, due to her Fish-A-Thon, we made some donations based on books we left the store with. We missed Mary Lee today--it wasn't the same without her. But we are pretty sure that our books outnumbered her fish.

Sally, the owner, was nice enough to share several ARCs---they were set up on a table in the back. We tried to be kind but there was definitely some stress over some of the more anticipated titles. We all left with great ARCs and promise to share them with each other as we finish. We also each purchased several books. It was definitely a great way to start the 28 hour read.

Megan of Read, Read, Read was not able to join us today. Instead, she decided to pledge $1 for EVERY book that we walked out of the store with. Together. All of us. Now, Megan has shopped with us before, so I think she knew it would be a pretty hefty pledge. I took photos as we left and we tallied our books (both arcs and purchased books counted.) Cover to Cover was having a 20% off sale which made it even more worthwhile to buy lots.

Bill of Literate Lives left with 14 books.
Julie of Raising Readers and Writers left with 28 books.
I left with 16 books.
Karen S. of Talkworthy left with 15 books.
Katie of Creative Literacy left with 16 books.
Karen of Literate Lives left with 21 books.

So, the Central Ohio Bloggers have added 140 books to our collections and lots of money to Mary Lee's Fish-a-thon for Casting for Recovery.

We will be reviewing as we read.
A great way to start summer vacation!


  1. I adore your way of turning the 48HBC into a real celebration! What fun!

  2. Great post, but can someone please help the lady in the last picture with her bangs!!!!

  3. What a great post and I really enjoyed joining everyone today.

  4. Thanks for including me! I had a wonderful time. My kids were thrilled with all of the books I brought home. I think I'll have them do some reviews for me. :)

  5. I'm certain that I could have topped the thirty count! I wish i had a children's bookstore close to me! What fun :-)

  6. Oh, I so want to do this next year! What an inspiration...

  7. Way to stimulate the economy! Now we can consider sitting around on our butts reading for a weekend as political action! :-)

  8. ooops, just subscribing to comments


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