Saturday, September 26, 2009

KidLitosphere Conference Panel

Mother Reader has asked me to join Jennie (Biblio File), Melissa (Book Nut) and Tricia (The Miss Rumphius Effect) in leading a panel discussion for book bloggers at the 2009 KidLitosphere Conference.

The big question is:

"What do book bloggers want to know more about?"

If you're a book blogger (and especially if you're a book blogger who's coming to the conference), what are the issues you'd like to discuss?

If you're a book blogger who's not coming, we'll report back on the discussion. If you could be a fly on the wall, what would you want to hear us chat about?

If you're a reader of book blogs, what do you look for in a book blog? What do you like or dislike? What is unclear or mysterious or wonderful or frustrating from your side of the blog?

Please leave discussion topic ideas and questions in the comments, or send them via blog email. There are no trivial or stupid topics or questions except the one you don't ask!


  1. I am interested in hearing the responses to the questions you listed on this post. I am also curious how bloggers get on the radar of publishers to get review copies of books. I saw a review today for a book that doesn't come out until next week and I just wondered. I imagine you have to be pretty well known and get a lot of traffic to get review copies. I get most of mine by buying them or getting them from the library. I do review for Thomas Nelson, and they send out review copies, or have electronic versions for download if you are part of their team of reviewers.

  2. Can't attend the conference but am glad you are willing to share your presentation and thoughts with us. Looking forward to it.


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