Saturday, September 05, 2009


I just picked up the new book THE RUNAWAY MUMMY: A PETRIFYING PARODY. Last year, Michael Rex wrote another Petrifying Parody--GOODNIGHT GOON that has been quite popular in the library.

I always enjoy parodies that are done well and I love this one. In this parody of THE RUNAWAY BUNNY by Margaret Wise Brown, a little mummy wants to run away. But when he tells Mother Mummy, she says, "If you run away, I will get you! For you are my rotten little mummy!" The story continues with the little mummy telling his mother what he will do if she tries to get him. He threatens to become a gargoyle, a ravenous plant, and a humongous beast to name a few. Mother Mummy has a solution for each of these things. The illustrations are done in darker, frightening colors. Compared to the sweet, calm illustrations in THE RUNAWAY BUNNY, I found them quite amusing.

There are a few references to both GOODNIGHT MOON and THE RUNAWAY BUNNY in some of the final illustrations (when the little mummy threatens to turn into a "boy"). They amused me quite a bit too.

Actually, the whole book amused me. It is VERY well done-a great story to enjoy and also a great example of parody to share with students. I think kids will love this one and will see the humor if they know THE RUNAWAY BUNNY. I am excited to have both of these parodies in the library. Hoping that Rex has a 3rd one coming out next fall!


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  3. Wow. I've made a real mess here...

    Thanks for the nice comments about Runaway Mummy. I was a bit nervous about how it would be received, so I'm glad it amused you. And, yes, "Furious George Goes Bananas" will be out next year.


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