Monday, August 02, 2010

July Mosaic

July's gone. No more hibiscus blooms. (No more posing with plastic men, Franki.)  No more parades. No more berries on the vine. The puppies will have their eyes open and be weaned when we see them again in a couple of weeks. The new "puppies" will soon be walking nervously into room 222, and we'll all be wondering what adventures this school year will bring.

Endings and beginnings. Comfortable routines and the discomfort of change. Time to put all my summer learning into practice...


  1. What did you use to create this mosaic? Looks lovely and would love to do one of my own! Thanks.

  2. Thanks, Stacey!

    I make a set of pictures in Flickr, then go over to fd's flickr toys (at Big Huge Labs to make the mosaic. Let me know if you run into problems -- I'd be glad to walk you though it!

  3. I love seeing your monthly mosaics. They make me smile, infer, and ask a lot of questions. Thanks for sharing! I suspect I see a few eastern Colorado shots periodically!


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