Friday, August 06, 2010

Poetry Friday -- Two Cats

by Katha Pollitt

It's better to be a cat than to be a human.
Not because of their much-noted grace and beauty—
their beauty wins them no added pleasure, grace is
only a cat's way

of getting without fuss from one place to another—
but because they see things as they are.

(the rest of the poem is at The Writer's Almanac)

Laura has the Poetry Friday roundup this week at her blog, Author Amok.


  1. Hi Mary Lee, what a great poem. I'm a dog person, but this reflects the cats I've known. :)

  2. What a gem! Love the photos :). I've always wondered what goes through cats' minds . . .

  3. I love the line "grace is only a cat's way." How we humans over-think things!

  4. Great ending on that poem! I took one of my cats to the vet today for a check-up. I was supposed to take both of them, but one of them has learned how to spell and realized what "v-e-t" means. Didn't find her until hours after the other cat had returned from their appointment. They are awfully smart!


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