Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Web 2.0 Tools--Teachers as Learners

We have an annual Leadership Academy in our district. This year, we both did a session for district teachers on Web 2.0 Tools.  We believe strongly that in order to move forward, we must all be users of these new tools in our lives. Just as we need to be readers and writers, being users of new tools is crticial to our teaching and learning lives.  Below are the slides from our presentation. The slides include the sites that we discussed.

As an added bonus, we used Googledocs to create this slide show and we went paperless in our presentation--no handouts. We included all info right in the embedded slides so that participants could access them with a specific link. We learned so much in the process!


  1. Thanks for a wonderful presentation so many tools to explore! I love how it was paperless too.

  2. Love,love, love this one! So many resources to check out. Thank you so much for continually sharing your thinking and learning with us!

  3. Thanks for the presentation. I wasn't aware of many of these applications. I really liked Mindomo and AnswerGarden. They both look interesting and useful.

    Web 2.0 Development

  4. Can't wait to get online and check out all of these new resources. I know they will be fabulous! Thanks, as always, for sharing all of these great tools!

  5. Wow...this is a fabulous tool. There are so many things here I need to explore. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Looking forward to reading it. Thank for sharing your thoughts, ideas, and celebrations with us.


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