Sunday, August 01, 2010

Welcome Two New Blogs to the Kidlitosphere!

We are excited about two new blogs that you might want to check out.  Meeting people at Choice Literacy Workshops is always a treat.  We learned about both of these new blogs there. Now that we can all stay connected beyond the few days that we are together is so exciting.

I have been a fan of Lori's on Twitter for a while. So I was thrilled that she started a blog too. Lori's Lessons is a new blog by Lori Sabo (@lorilovesbooks on Twitter).   Here's a teacher who looks at life (body image, trip to the chiropractor, coffee with a friend, new haircuts, and more) and finds lessons for her teaching practice. Good stuff. (And she is HYSTERICAL!)

I lucked out and just happened to sit next to Mandy at a Choice Literacy workshop last week.  After we chatted a while, I learned that she is starting to blog with a friend and colleague--Word From the Corner. They have their first post and the blog will focus on literacy and learning.  From talking to her for a bit at the breaks, I can tell this is a blog I'll want to follow!

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  1. Thanks for sharing both blogs. I just subscribed to them in Google Reader. Great stuff!


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