Friday, February 10, 2012

Poetry Friday -- It's Not Easy Being Me

by David Ignatow

For Harvey Shapiro

I stand and listen, head bowed,
to my inner complaint.
Persons passing by think
I am searching for a lost coin.
You're fired, I yell inside
after an especially bad episode.
I'm letting you go without notice
or terminal pay. You just lost
another chance to make good.
But then I watch myself standing at the exit,
depressed and about to leave,
and wave myself back in wearily,
for who else could I get in my place
to do the job in dark, airless conditions?

No photo, no commentary, no connections. Just the hope that you, too, gave a little snort of laughter at the end, and made the same promise to treat your self a little nicer today.

Laura Purdie Salas has the roundup today at Writing the World for Kids.


  1. I am so right there with you friend! Thanks for reminding me to laugh!

  2. We are the hardest on ourselves and yes I did chuckle. Today should be a nicer day and for you too. Thanks for sharing.

  3. He gets it just right, doesn't he? So I could be speaking of the man in the poem or the poet. I wonder if with a little bending that some adolescents would like this, & connect those dark, airless conditions with school? Thanks, Mary Lee.

  4. Enjoyed this, Mary Lee. I could totally see adolescents "getting" it.

  5. That's right--no one else could do the job that I do, the way I do it. Same for you. Meanwhile, we ought to do something about the dark, airless conditions. : )

    I'll check out the March Madness.

  6. So true! The ending did make me smile. Don't feel so bad now. Thanks :).

  7. Ha! Match this up with Jama's offering today and someone between Jama and you who did a Wendell Barry poem and encourages people to do something that doesn't compute every day. These three poems make me feel like I need to remember to give myself 5 minutes a day something crazy and impractical and tell myself occasionally that I do stuff. Sometimes good stuff. Very occasionally even important stuff. Mostly I've been too busy just doing stuff to follow the directions of any of these three poems!

    Thanks, Mary Lee!

  8. Boy, after a day like today, I need a reminder to be nicer to myself! Thanks for the chuckle!


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