Monday, December 21, 2015

A Family Field Trip to the Mazza Museum

I have always wanted to visit the Mazza Museum. It is not too far from here (Findlay, Ohio) but for some reason I haven't done it.  But on Sunday, we spent the day with our family in Toledo and decided to stop on the way for an hour.  And I am so glad we did--what an amazing place!

The whole family visited and it was so fun watching everyone (husband included) finding art of some of our favorite picture books.  Every time we discovered a new illustration of a book or character we loved, it was total joy.

And it was about more than seeing our favorite illustrators. We also saw exhibits that shared things we didn't know about the process of picture book making.  Here are some of our favorite finds!

We saw Patricia Polacco's quilt from The Keeping Quilt.

There was a section on development of picture books that showed the process and planning  that picture book makers go through.

All of the books as well as binders about the illustrators were included in the displays. So you can learn about the Madeline art and then go right to the page in the actual book.

There was an entire room of Paper Engineering with so many amazing pieces.

Mo Willems says he got his biggest inspiration from Dr. Seuss so this is a tribute to him.

My older daughter was thrilled that a Laura Ingalls Wilder display was one of the first things she saw when she walked in. She was a huge Little House fan for most of her elementary years.
And I was so surprised to see art from Roller Girl in the graphic novels display.  I loved the combination of classics and brand new titles in the museum.

 I am hoping to make it to some of their institutes this summer or next year. They always look incredible but the timing doesn't usually work out. 
I am so glad that we stopped by. I am sure it won't be my last visit to this amazing place!


  1. I need to go! Like your oldest daughter, I ADORE(D) Laura Ingalls Wilder books. Have you seen my bookshelf, where I keep my set of Little House books? They are well loved! :) Thanks for a great post.

  2. This needs to go on my list of to do's for the summer! Thanks for sharing Franki!


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