Friday, June 16, 2017

Poetry Friday -- IF

Flickr Creative Commons Photo by Nicholas Flook
Did you see my post yesterday? If not, I'll wait a minute while you check it out.

Here's what happened in my notebook after I wrote that review. On the left, I listed (mostly) concrete ordinary items. On the right, I listed some of the not-always-fun things about adulting. Then, I paired them up (mostly) randomly.

Here are some of my IFs. I'm not sure IF they are a poem, but they were definitely fun to write! You give it a try!


If houseplants had jobs,
the commute would kill them.

If birdbaths had children,
the yard would be filled with puddles.

If the screen door paid bills,
the currency would be slams and breezes.

If clocks made investments,
only time would tell if it was all worth it.

If measuring cups had power of attorney,
responsibility would be calibrated.

If a window left a last will and testament,
it would be completely transparent.

©Mary Lee Hahn, 2017

Carol has the Poetry Friday roundup today at Carol's Corner.


  1. What wonderfully fresh images, Mary Lee! I love that yard filled with puddles, and the slam-breeze currency. I want to give this exercise a try :-)

  2. Wonderful to read, and then it does start the mind wondering, If. . . I love the window "if", Mary Lee. Clever response. And I love that it's a re-issued book to save it!

  3. What great "IF's," Mary Lee. I started laughing with the first one and smiled throughout the poem. Great exercise for jump starting and getting new perspectives. The book looks great, too. Must look for it.

  4. Very cool, Mary Lee! What a great strategy to try.

  5. Ha! Terrific, Mary Lee. Thanks for letting us know about IF too.
    Baby puddles!! ;0)

  6. Oh, I want to try this! Having just created our will, I especially love your last stanza, Mary Lee. : )

  7. FUN!
    Chuckling over the birdbaths had children...
    & indeed all of them. You have invented a great prompt.

    If a fun poem were gold bullion
    this one would pop into your bank account.

  8. Love it! This would be a fun activity to do with students, too!

  9. I hope you'll share this mentor text and your notebook page with your students. Authentic writing with humor.

  10. Clever! Love the sly and wry humor of your "if's".

  11. Love that! This would be so fun with kids and their chores!

  12. How fun! Love your IFs. -- Christie @

  13. A delightful, playful poem! I'll have to try this sometime.

  14. I love this book and I love how you've made your own list of IFs! Have you heard of another IF book by Sarah Perry? IF not, you should check it out. Books that inspire and invite you to play along/create your own ideas--My favorite kind of books. Thanks for bringing this reprint to our attention, Mary Lee.

  15. So fun! My favorite is the transparent window will. I have just jotted this as an idea for writing a poem. (Thanks ;)

  16. This is wonderful Mary Lee, and so funny too! I took a peak at your blog yesterday also, thanks!

  17. Anonymous6:09 AM

    These are fabulous! Can't wait to try this out.

  18. Anonymous7:04 AM

    This is absolutely fantastic, Mary Lee. I LOVE your word play fun. :) (I must share it with my son, who will share it with his Maths teacher - because this is their sort of humour. :P) #thankyou #justforfun

  19. Wonderful to see adulting made playful.

  20. The clocks and the houseplants were my favorite couplets. These are so clever, Mary Lee. I hope you come up with more.


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