Monday, December 10, 2007

7 Things Meme

We've been tagged by Travis at 100ScopeNotes for the "Seven Things" meme. We're never ones to follow the rules of a meme to the "T" (remember this one?), and we've already shared 8 random things about ourselves, so our seven things this time will be...

"Seven Things About Me As A Reader."
1. My to-read pile is a stack of 20 graphic novels for the Cybils Graphic Novels nominating committee. (I should say, ONE of my to-read piles. Piles, with an S.)
2. I am currently listening to WATER FOR ELEPHANTS on the commute to and from school. The readers are brilliant.
3. I am reading aloud THE INVENTION OF HUGO CABRET in my 4th grade classroom. Actually, if I use the correct educationese, it is a shared reading. We have a half-dozen copies of the book (thanks again for the loan, Franki!) and the students follow along as I read aloud. The conversation about the story and about the pictures is amazing.
4. I read series books in order. Part of the reason that stack of graphic novels is so big is that a book which is number FIVE in its series was nominated. I will read 1-4 first.
5. I keep a list of all the books I read. I've done this since 1987. So far this year, I have read 80+ children's books (I don't count picture books, but I do sometimes lump together easy readers or short graphic novels) and 17 adult books.
6. For me, listening to an audio books counts as reading.
7. I always give CHICKA CHICKA BOOM BOOM at a baby shower for first babies.

1. I only like to read new books-I hardly ever use the library or go to used bookstores. Something about new books make me happy.
2. Some of my favorite books are middle grade and young adult novels.
3. When I was in elementary school, I visited my grandma's library every Sunday to choose my Nancy Drew reading for the week. (She had the entire collection up there. I considered it my own personal library.)
4. Most of my reading takes place at night before I go to sleep. I also seem to get a lot of reading done as I am walking from place to place--magazine and journal articles get read that way.
5. I have subscribed to "Runner's World Magazine" for 12 months so far and haven't yet started to run. (I need to learn about it first?)
6. The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls was one of the best adult books I've ever read.
7. A long time ago, I thought Mary Lee told me that she reads 26 children's books a year. So I thought I'd give that a try and was very proud at the end of the year when I had read 26 children's books. Turns out, that I misunderstood--Mary Lee reads 52 children's books a year. I love having lots of friends who read more than I do!

We're tagging Creative Literacy, Read,Read,Read, The Reading Zone, and My Breakfast Platter. Get busy, folks!


  1. Got it covered. I did as you did and changed the topic to 7 Things about me as a reader, it is so much more focused.
    By the way, Mary Lee, 8 Letters in Search of a Word is perfect. Kids loved it and loathed it (Those who weren't doing as well).
    And the presentation went great as well.

  2. Anonymous8:46 PM

    I followed your lead and posted 7 things about me as a reader. Thanks for tagging me!


  3. Thanks for sharing guys - I love learning more about people who love children's lit. I made sure to add your post to my 7 Things Roundup

  4. thanks for the tag. i got it, and i'm working on it---as my 3 girls deck nana's tree.

  5. I also keep a list of books I've read (also excluding picture books.) I can't remember when I started, but I think probably around 1980. It became much easier when I got a personal computer. :-)

  6. Web -- My lists are in volumes of blank books...even after all these years and all these computers! I do, however, love keeping a parallel list in GoodReads, and a list of the books I own (not all are read yet) on LibraryThing.

    Amy, Sarah, Megan -- Thanks for playing along!


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