Monday, December 10, 2007

Newbery Hopefuls, Day 6

Today, we hear from Karen--our friend from Cover to Cover. As you know, we love the Cover to Cover staff and they all help us choose books all year.

My favorite book this year is Red Glass by Laura Resau. She also wrote What the Moon Saw, which I enjoyed. I loved Red Glass. The descriptions in the book made me actually smell the tortillas and eggs that are typically eaten in Guatemala. I could feel the warm breezes and the close humid jungle air, too. Seeing life through the eyes of someone with a belief system and heritage so different yet so much the same as my own reminded me of experiencing this myself in the people I met in Guatemala. Sophie, the main character learns to be strong and to love herself. Her tellings of how she feels weak and plain and wants to burst out of herself are all too real to many people. I think this book might be a little to old of an audience for the Newbery but you never know.

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