Wednesday, December 19, 2007

One of My Favorite Cookie Cookbooks

Well, I have spent the weekend baking. I always do this--I try to do 8 kinds of cookies in one day. It is craziness and I always mess up my last few. I have trouble fitting baking in at night and I see no need to bake if I can't put together a tray with a big variety of cookies. And I LOVE to bake cookies! Easy ones and hard ones.

I pick up cookie cookbooks often. But, I usually find 1-2 recipes in each book that I like. However, THE COOKIE BIBLE is different. There are many, many recipes that look great. I have tried several. And, there is a photo of almost every cookie. That is important to me. I need that visual. My favorite recipe is for the Black and White Hearts. These make a great holiday cookie (I did star shapes instead of hearts.) For those of you that have cookie tables at weddings, they are beautiful in heart shapes.

There are so many recipes in this book that I've tried and several that I have tabbed to try sometime soon. (One of my daughter's friends was over the other day and she was looking through the cookbook. She laughed and said that it was like every page was dog-eared. She was almost right!

It is a pretty comprehensive cookie book--thus the title. Some old favorites as well as some new ideas for cookies.

Highly recommended for the holiday season and all other seasons.

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