Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hannah Montana Concert!

Yes, we had a family concert event and attended the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus concert this week! What an event, let me tell you. From what I hear, tickets sold out in 15 minutes. It was packed and loud. We even got a chance to see Hannah/Miley's bus that was parked outside the arena. The Jonas Brothers were also part of the show. They were also quite good! And, it gets even better. (In case you were wondering how this fits into a blog about books by two teachers....) Miley is supporting Officemax's "Adopt-a-Classroom" program, realizing how much money teachers spend for classroom supplies each year. Miley/Hannah recently donated a large sum of money and had a surprise visit from one of her own teachers, it seems. It seems lots of companies are picking up on the crazy surrounding Hannah Montana. Limited Too was passing out treat bags. Officemax had a sign-making station set up outside the concert. And, you can even get a Build-A-Bear in Hannah attire.

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  1. The Jonas Brothers? Hannah Montana? My girls would be sooooo jealous.


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