Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Newbery Hopefuls, Day 7

Today, we hear from our friend Beth from Cover to Cover. You can tell she is young and hip since she doesn't use capital letters or much punctuation! She reads a ton and always has a stack of books waiting for me when I visit the store. I end up spending a ton of money on her recommendations and I am never sorry!
Here's Beth:

thanks for the opportunity to share my favorites!

well. i obviously hope that the invention of hugo cabret wins everything. obviously.
in the event that this is not possible...

a friendship for today by patricia mckissack
book of a thousand days by shannon hale
talented clementine by sara pennypacker
bone by bone by bone by tony johnston
into the wild by sarah beth durst
crooked kind of perfect by linda urban

i am also reading grimpow by rafael abalos, true meaning of smekday by adam rex, and plan on reading home of the brave by katherine applegate. apparently this could change everything.

books that can't but should get shiny stickers:

woolvs in the sitee by margaret wild
the arrival by shaun tan
snow goose by paul gallico and illustrated by angela barrett
professor's daughter by joann sfar and emmanuel guibert

it isn't new, but if anyone needs to have their day made by a sheep on a vespa, read the surprise by sylvia van ommen.

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