Monday, September 20, 2010

Overheard Conversation in the Library

In the library today, I overheard one of our second graders with a new student. She was walking around showing her the library and helping her look for a book. The new girl was not having any luck finding a book. So the "tour guide" turned to her and said, "Tell me about a book that you really really really love and I'll help you find another one."

I say that to kids all the time but didn't realize it until I heard this second grader saying it! Crack me up! It was too cute.


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  2. That's great! I'm getting ready to volunteer in our school library--I'm really excited about the opportunity!

    P.S. My husband tried the Marshmallow Challenge with his high school students. It was a success!

  3. I adore this. You're creating not just book lovers but book advocates!


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