Thursday, January 10, 2013

#holidaybookaday update

My goal was 16 books and I only read 12, but considering everything else on my to-do list that I accomplished over break I'm pretty pleased.

Yes, a quarter of the books were graphic novels. Thank you, Nerdies Nominations for getting me caught up on the best GNs for 2012! How have I missed the work of Doug TenNapel? I enjoyed Bad Island, but wow -- Ghostopolis and Cardboard. Wow.

May B. took me right back home to the dry flatlands of Eastern Colorado/Western Kansas! I have this thing for sod houses...seeing as my dad was born in one! And my uncle has a pasture that is unbroken prairie, and there are still ruts from the wagonwheels of the covered wagons of the westward movement carved into the land!

My Santa Brother sent two new (old) books of poetry for my Signatures of the Poets Laureate collection -- Maxine Kumin (which I read) and Charles Simic (still on the TBR pile). Other posts here and here and here about this collection.

And finally, not appearing yet in Goodreads, Santa brought me the entire Series of Unfortunate Events. It seems appropriate in a year ending with 13, that one of my reading goals for the year is to re-read the entire series!


  1. Great holiday #bookaday! I've never read the Series of Unfortunate Events - maybe I'll try and read it this year too.

    Loved May B!

  2. As busy as the time is, I am applauding you for all the reading, Mary Lee. I guess I'm going to need to find some more graphic novels, especially Cardboard. I keep hearing about it. All good to hear from you!

  3. Oooh, I keep wanting to get into graphic novels. Any suggestions on some good starters for a neophyte?

  4. Gwen, you can't go wrong with Babymouse and Lunch Lady.

    Click on the tag "Graphic Novels" on this post and you'll get ALL of our posts about graphic novels.


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