Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Newbery Surprises

Franki and I had a little email conversation late last week. It went something like this:

She: "Are we ignoring the Newbery this year?"
Me: "Kinda. I'll do a 'Newbery Surprises' post on Tuesday because all the winners will be new to me.

And then the biggest surprise of all:

I've read it three times (self, aloud to fourth graders, aloud to fifth graders).

And right there on my picture book shelf were the Caldecott and several honor books!

There's a Coretta Scott King Author Honor book on my chalktray...

...and we just confirmed the Coretta Scott King Illustrator, Bryan Collier for the 2014 Dublin Literacy Conference.

I listened to the Odyssey Award winning audio book.

This Stonewall honor book is being passed through my two fifth grade classes like wildfire...

...and this one needs to be read by every high school and college student.

Pete the Cat, with his attitude ("Did he cry? Goodness NO!") and his Zen-like reminder that "Buttons come and buttons go," made the Geisel Honor list.

So the biggest surprise that came with this year's ALA Youth Media Awards? How many I know, and own, and love!

For all the winners, check out ALA's Official Press Release.


  1. Thank you for the round up, Mary Lee! I'm jazzed about the ones I read, excited to try some new reads, and motivated to stay more on top of the possible winners next year.

    Thanks for including the Geisel list, too -- Pete the Cat has given us some of our most memorable early reading experiences with Z. "Does Pete cry?" VEHEMENT head shaking. "GOODNESS no!" (Hopeful that the lesson will eventually transfer, too ;) Ha!)

  2. Thanks for including the cover images. LOL I need that to remember if I've read them or not. Yeah, I'm THAT kind of reader... :P

  3. Does it seem like it was a special year? I read, bought, and loved many of the winning books, too, and I don't think that's happened to me before. It seems like this year just had some special books. I'm SO excited about Bryan Collier coming to Dublin Lit in 2014!! Looking forward to this year's, too!

  4. Anonymous5:11 PM

    That's it - I have got to read The One & Only Ivan! Thanks for the list.

  5. It was another great year for great books...we are so lucky!

  6. I think we've been discussing the incredible books out since January of 2012, perhaps The Fault In Our Stars, out Jan. 10th. It was a terrific year! Thanks Mary Lee!

  7. See, you are completely up on things:>) I haven't read many of the winners/honor books, including IVAN. It's on my tbr list, though. I adore HAT, love GREEN, am in awe of OCTOBER. Not so big on EXTRA, though everyone I know loves it. Most of the novels, I have not read...time to get them on my tbr list. I'm just now getting ready to start WONDER. As you can see, I'm far behind:>)

    1. Laura, I didn't love EXTRA until I read it to kids!


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