Sunday, May 05, 2013

April Mosaic

At the beginning of April, the sun was just rising as I left for school. Now it's well up.

It was a month of acronyms: CFR (1st row #2), IRA (1st row #4-6th row #2),  PFA (4th row #4-5th row #4).

You can see the photos (bigger, with titles and sometimes captions) on Flickr here.

My photos on Flickr are all labeled with a Creative Commons license. That means you are free to use them (non-commercially), as long as you provide attribution that they are my photos. If you do use a photo of mine, stop back and leave a comment (and a link, if possible) on Flickr so that I can clap my hands with glee that something I've made has inspired your creation!

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  1. April looks like a fun month, Mary Lee.


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