Friday, May 31, 2013

Poetry Friday -- Chalk-A-Bration -- Casting for Recovery

I have a multi-purpose offering for Poetry Friday this week. 

We went over to the neighborhood park yesterday evening to blow the dust off our casting in preparation for the Casting for Recovery Fish-A-Thon on Saturday. While there, I chalked a poem on the sidewalk:

Now for the PSA:

Casting for Recovery is a leading breast cancer quality of life program. CFR isn't trying to find the cure for breast cancer; the goal of CFR is to empower breast cancer survivors by giving them powerful tools to overcome the challenges of breast cancer.

One of those tools is fly fishing.

I'm involved in Casting for Recovery as a past participant and now on Ohio's retreat team. I teach casting and knot tying.

We're having a Fish-A-Thon tomorrow to raise money for the Ohio CFR retreat. If you'd like to sponsor me on a per-fish-caught basis, or with a one-time donation, send me a message through the blog email. 

"Casting for Recovery is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that relies solely on donations to provide all-expense-paid weekend wellness retreats to 14 breast cancer survivors per retreat. Through your support, we will be able to continue to enhance the lives of breast cancer survivors by providing retreats that promote mental, physical, and emotional healing."

Betsy, the Queen of the Chalk-A-Bration, has the Poetry Friday Roundup AND the monthly Chalk-A-Bration today at Teaching Young Writers.


  1. I remember you mentioning this program before and think it's so cool that you teach casting and knot tying :). Love your chalk poem. Good luck with the fish-a-thon!

  2. Ah, "to fish is to hope" indeed...I hope you have a wonderful, successful fish-a-thon tomorrow!

  3. How great is that? Thanks for this post and for teaching people to fish.

  4. Super NEAT! I'll pledge $5 a fish--will email you for details.

  5. I tried to post a comment this morning from my Ipad, but I don't see it. Anyway, I'm not s big fisherman but I do know that hope and fishing go hand in hand. I had a poetry teacher once who used the metaphor of fishing for poems. You need to cast slowly and be aware. And then sometimes you catch a boot.
    Best of luck on the Fish-a-thon!

  6. I love your poem, too! To fish is to hope, wonderful. I am NOT a fisherman, so admire this athleticism in other women, especially those who are recovering. I am "in" to support you, Mary Lee!
    Will send you an email. Good luck. Casting for poems seems like a good idea, too, feeds the soul some days.
    Janet F.

  7. Anonymous10:44 PM

    This sounds like a wonderful program, and I love your poem! Have a great day of fishing tomorrow!

  8. I hope your day of fishing goes well! Thank you so much for the poem and the beautiful, hopeful message.

  9. Mary Lee, you always manage to include so much in your posts. I love your poem, and hope the day goes beautifully.

  10. Wow, you've covered so much territory with this post! I love your poem and the last thought: "To fish / is to / hope."

    Of course, hope goes all through the fundraising efforts you're involved in too. Here's hoping a big catch for you!

    Violet N.

  11. Thank you so much for your support and participation with Chalk-a-Bration. This whole post is so full of hope and I just loved it.

  12. Just beautiful. "To fish/is to/hope." So much like writing. I hope that you all had a beautiful weekend. xo, a.


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