Wednesday, May 29, 2013


It's true. I'm a sucker for #(fill in the blank)-A-Day challenges.

#PoemADay,  #BookADay,  and now #MileADay.

When Paul Hankins mentioned #MileADay (Runners World is calling it #RWRUNSTREAK, but since I'm not a runner, I have taken the liberty of renaming it), I didn't even have to think about it. A mile a day every day from Memorial Day until Independence Day? I'm in!

I'm logging a short note about my walks on FB, and another (shorter still) on Twitter. Because I know that when I go public with these challenges, I am more likely to keep the commitment. Community also helps. Lots of people have said, "That's a great idea," but I only know for sure that two friends are joining me. One is local, the other sees paddlewheel riverboats in New Orleans on her miles! For right now, all I see is my neighborhood waking up.

The book I'm currently listening to fits this challenge nicely.

The Old Ways: A Journey on Foot
by Robert Macfarlane
Viking Adult, 2012
audiobook from Audible

The author tells about the walks he takes on "the ancient tracks, holloways, drove roads, and sea paths that crisscross both the British landscape and its waters and territories beyond."

I love his writing (and thinking) so much that I also bought the book on Kindle so that I can go back and highlight favorite passages.

Here's a bit to entice you (click to enlarge):


  1. Writing and wayfaring - I love the connections. I'm considering joining you for #Mile a Day. I'm also requesting this book! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I'm doing the mile a day for the Runner's World Run Streak. Feeling good already! :)


  3. So I wrote down this quote. Connections from walking to words to writing, a journey we all take. I am planning to walk my dog at least once a day this summer. Sometimes we walk 2 miles, sometimes 3 depending on the route. So how do I join your #Mile a day? Twitter is so confusing to me. Do I just write a post and do the hashtag? I am much better about Facebook. Maybe we could be friends?
    Twitter: @MargaretGSimon
    FB: Margaret Gibson Simon

  4. Well good for you, Mary! My husband and I walk every morning at 8:00 a.m. for about 55 minutes. So in a way I'm in too. Of course with a real-live walking buddy I'm kept accountable. (But I make no commitment to write about it, though the quote is wonderful.)

    Violet N.


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